Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix: The Border Aussie Dog Guide

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Feature

Secret the Australian Shepherd went viral for her dancing videos, her natural elegance and intelligence made people love her!

So what would happen if you crossed an Australian Shepherd with another breed known for similar things, the Border Collie?

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix, sometimes called the Border Aussie, is a crossbreed that is slowly growing in popularity.

This dog is an excellent choice for any active families with older children, or an owner that is looking to work their dog as a herding dog.

Interested in an intelligent, agile and active dog breed? Good. Let’s explore them in more detail…

What Is An Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix?

Australian Shepherd and Border Collie Dogs
The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are a match made in heaven!

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix is exactly what the name implies; a dog which is half Australian Shepherd and half Border Collie.

With the combination of both the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd’s herding skills, this dog is unrivalled at what it does!

These dogs are incredible herders, and are often seen out on ranches working with cattle or sheep.

However, with the correct socialization, they can also make an excellent family dog too (more on this later).

Breed Origin

Although a moderately popular mix, especially within farming communities as they make excellent herding dogs, very little is documented about this crossbreed.

It is thought that they sprung into popularity within the past 20 years or so.

There are no recorded sightings of them during the 20th century, however, this by no means is an indication they did not exist.

Kennel Club Recognition and Pedigree

Despite both parent breeds being individually recognized by the American Kennel Club, the Border Aussie is not recognized by the AKC or any other breed clubs because they are a hybrid dog.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Info
Size 17 to 23″ to the withers
Weight 30 to 70 pounds
Lifespan 13 – 15 years
Breed Type Herding
Purpose Mixes and More
Suitable For Active Families (With Older Children), Owners Who Can Work Them
Color Variations Black, Grey, White and Brown
Temperament Kind, Obedient, Intelligent, Energetic, Owner-Oriented
Other Names Aussie Collie, Border Aussie

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Puppies

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Face
These puppies are a complete lottery with their appearance, each one is as unique as the next.

On average, these dogs are comparatively inexpensive when looking at other, more expensive crossbreeds, costing on average between $600 and $800 USD.

A litter will have between 5-10 puppies.

Despite their inexpensive price tag, and larger litter sizes, finding an Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix puppy can be difficult due to a lack of breed clubs that recognize them.

This also makes finding a responsible breeder more difficult.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Temperament

Characteristic Rating
Prey Drive
Social Tendencies

The best word to describe the Border Aussie is “workaholic”!

These dogs love to be busy and thrive under pressure! Their high energy makes them excellent working dogs, especially when working in the herding field.

It cannot be emphasized enough how high energy this crossbreed is.

Without enough exercise and stimulation, these dogs can become destructive and loud!

An unhappy Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix is not afraid to tell their owner; barking at all hours and tearing up the furniture.

These dogs dote on their owners, as they are bred to be in a job where they are always around their owners.

Consequently, they do not do well with being left on their own for long periods. Instead, owners should be present for the majority of the day to ensure a happy dog.

Compatibility with Families

Shepherd Dog
These dogs enjoy a swim so try taking your pup to somewhere safe and teach them to swim.

These dogs are highly loving and friendly, with an eager-to-please personality.

They love to be around people, but the majority of the time they will have an incredibly soft spot for their owners.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mixes are known to be owner oriented, a trait owners must bare in mind during their socialization period.

They are known to be very playful dogs, enjoying nothing more than to pass hours playing games.

Getting bored quickly, be sure to change games up as you go! Gauge your dogs mood and see how they are feeling for the best playtimes possible.


These dogs are very friendly and loving, and if well socialized can get on well with children and pets.

However, they are not recommended for homes with younger children, or pets, as they are known to attempt to herd them.

Dogs who are not being mentally stimulated, may even become aggressive with their herding, nipping at children’s heels.

Consequently, it is best that these dogs be kept in homes with older children and no other pets.

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Size and Appearance

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Appearance


On average, this dog weighs around 50lb and is between 17 to 23 inches tall (regardless of sex).

However, some of these mixes have been known to be as light as 30 pounds and as heavy as 70.

As a mixed breed dog, their size and weight can vary massively, so owners may wish to take an estimate to see how their new puppy will grow.

You can estimate their size using two methods:

  1. Take their weight at 16 weeks and double it.
  2. Add up both the parents weights and divide by two for an approximate average weight.


In general, this dog tends to have the looks of an Australian Shepherd and the coat of the Border Collie.

This dog is well proportioned and muscular.

They cover ground with a natural grace and elegance with a kind and intelligent face, triangular ears and small muzzles.

Often, Aussie Collies will have a heterochromia (i.e. two different colored eyes).

This is thanks to their Australian Shepherd Heritage. This same gene pool means that 1 in 4 may be born with a bobbed tail! If your dog does have a tail, it is likely to be long and feathery.


A Border Aussie can be many colors including:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Blue Merle
  • Red Merle

Generally, Border Collies tend to be two-tone, with a black (and brown) face, back, and legs, and a white chest and stomach.

This is not always the case with the Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix, they can be many different colors and coat patterns; each is completely unique.


Australian Shepherd and Border Collie Mix

As with many aspects of a crossbreed, it is near impossible to predict their coat type.

Usually, these dogs have thick, medium length coats, that are shaggy in appearance.

Their coats are usually straight, but on occasion they are somewhat wavy.

These dogs are not considered to be hypoallergenic as they shed all year round.

This makes them unsuitable for allergy sufferers.

Grooming Requirements

This dog has a large shaggy coat that requires regular grooming.

They need brushing two to three times a week.

Their active nature means they are not inclined to sit still for long periods of time, and so establishing a grooming routine as early as possible in your dog’s life may be beneficial to their welfare.

Some owners clip their dogs coat, but this is usually decided on an owner by owner basis.

Both parent breeds enjoy water and so bathing should be a pleasant experience. Active Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mixes will need bathing every month or so.

Nail clipping will also need to be done regularly.

Complete Care Guide

Border Aussie Dog

The Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix is an active dog who is full of love, life and happiness.

They are best suited to active families who have older children, or an owner who could work them on a farm with cattle or sheep.

Food and Dietary Requirements

Daily Food Consumption
Guide 750 to 1,200 calories
Cups of Kibble Two Bowl of Kibble Required per Day

Very easy-going dogs, they will happily eat most diet types (e.g. dry, wet or raw).

Whatever you choose to feed your herding dog, be mindful of this dog’s activity level. These active dogs need a high protein and calorie content in their diet; which is specifically formulated for working dogs.

This crossbreed requires the equivalent of 1.5 to 2.5 cups of feed each day (dependent on their size and activity level).

These intelligent dogs are known to enjoy expanding their taste buds, and so feeding them a variety of treats including fruits and vegetables can be extremely enjoyable for them.

Exercise Requirements

Daily Exercise Requirements
Minutes 120 minutes
Activity Level This is a high activity dog breed

This dog is a very activity dog, needing at least 2 hours of exercise every day (ideally split into two walks).

Their energy is relentless, especially as puppies.

Consequently, this dog is not a suitable pet for those who prefer their home comforts.

Top Tip

If you prefer, owners can supplement walks for jogs! Being an active dog breed, this may be something your Aussie Border will enjoy.

They may also enjoy canine sports; like agility or flyball.

While out walking, if taken of lead, you may find that their herding instinct kicks in and instead of running off to play with other dogs, they run laps around you instead!

Training A Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

As previously stated, these dogs are very clever.

Border Collies are thought to be the most intelligent breed in the world; Australian Shepherds are very smart too.

As a result, these dogs make excellent obedience companions, learning quickly and always eager to please.

However, their intelligence can be their downfall, as on occasion they can be somewhat cheeky and playful.

This often stems from boredom, therefore trying to keep your dog busy with walks, games, trick training and play is essential.

Known Health Problems

The biggest concern for Aussie Border is eye diseases.

Both the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are prone to a disease known as Collie Eye Anomaly.

This condition affects the retina in the eye, with varying symptoms. Mild cases warrant mild blindness or blurry vision whereas more severe cases can cause blindness.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd mixes are also prone to other eye conditions such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

Consequently, it is a good idea to ask the breeder for a gene test on both parents to make sure they are clear.

As with other large breeds, this dog is prone to hip dysplasia too; a condition that causes abnormal development and shape of the hips to change.

Milder cases can be managed with painkillers, whereas more severe cases will require corrective surgery.


Australian Shepherd x Border Collie Mix
These dogs are known for their intelligent eyes and smiling faces.

If you are looking for a lapdog who will take naps on the couch with you and laze around the house, then this is not the dog for you.

However, if you are looking for a dog you can devote all your time and energy to, then this could be an excellent match.

Beyond their high energy requirements, these dogs are relatively low maintenance. They need infrequent grooming, bathing and clipping, they are easy to train and are not fussy eaters.

Do you have any thoughts on the Aussie Border? Let us know in the comments below.

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