5 Best Dog Bike Baskets For Your Dog Reviewed

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A dog bike basket is the perfect way to get outside with smaller dogs, allowing you both to get the wind in your hair!

A bike basket for dogs will prevent any possible injuries as they are arguably much safer (letting small dogs run beside you can be dangerous) and will give your small fury friend a smooth and safe ride.

Whether you are planning a bike ride down a city street, or a country lane, a basket is incredibly handy for the more active owners among us.

In this article, we will help you narrow down and review the top five for your choosing.

The Verdict: Our Picks

Item Max. Weight Our Rating
Best Dog Bike Basket Travelin K9 10lb 5 star
Runner-up Snoozer Sporty 14lb 3.5 star
Best Rear Bike Basket for Dogs Snoozer Rear Basket 24lb 4 star

1. Travelin K9 Dog Bike Basket

A secure and comfortable dog bicycle basket with a cool air flow

5 star

Travelin K9 Dog Bike Basket

  • Patented handlebar mount is the most secure on the market
  • Comfortable size; not too large or small
  • Very quick and easy to install to your bike
  • Extremely well ventilated
  • Advertised weight limit of 10lb
  • Some riders have reported handlebar incompatibility so check your handlebar diameter
  • High price relative to other models

With side walls measuring 8.5 inches deep and a comfortable padded floor of 12 x 7 inches, the Pet-Pilot is an extremely cosy yet spacious addition to the front of your cycle.

No matter the speed at which you pedal, no amount of wind will sway this basket thanks to the very durable design and patented handlebar mount.

The advertised weight limit is 10lb, however, some users have reported using this dog bike basket with 12lb dogs too, so it’s perfect for a dog to sit in and watch the world go by.

A well ventilated front mesh, for air flow along the top edging, and a two-point safety clip will secure your dog whilst leaving them feel refreshed.

Ultimately, with a quick-and-easy 5-step installation, the Pet-Pilot is a great choice for a strong and stable bike ride.

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  • Extremely secure patented handlebar mount
  • Weight limit of 8-10lb
  • Two-point chrome clasps for attaching safety leashes
  • Durable and sturdy materials allow for minimal swaying
  • If this basket is too small for your dog, there is a MAX variant available

2. Sporty Dog Bike Basket

For sunny days, the Sporty is a good mid-range dog basket for bikes

3.5 star

Sporty Dog Bike Basket

  • Very easy to install
  • Can be folded and easily carried around
  • Interior is durable and secure
  • Rides will be somewhat bumpy due to the lack of braces
  • Very little airflow when the opening is closed, even with the rain cover

The Snoozer sporty dog bike basket is a good choice when comparing features and price.

This is a universal dog bicycle basket and can be easily fitted on the front handlebars of any bike,

At 10 x 10 x 13 inches, and a weight limit of 14lb, this bike basket is a large size. It is also durable with walls and base which will remain firm during bumpy rides thanks to the added chin rest and inner pads.

With a handy amount of extra storage pockets, easily flat-packed design, and an inner leash clip, which will ensure you and your dog can cycle safely, this basket has a good range of features

Arguably, the Sporty does everything the PetsFit does, but better, even if it does share the same flaws (ventilation, a lack of clamps, and the like).

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  • 14lb maximum weight limit
  • Comes with a removable protective rain cover
  • Added chin rest for extra comfort
  • Multiple storage pockets for wipes and a safety leash

3. Snoozer Rear Bike Basket for Dogs

The best rear bike basket for dogs

4 star

Snoozer Rear Bike Basket for Dogs

  • Very secure three-point straps
  • Easily machine-washable carrier
  • Very durable, and well-protected carrier; especially on the base
  • Requires a rear bike rack
  • The walls of the carrier are quite shallow
  • No protection against the elements so it can’t be used during windy or wet weather

Unlike the first two baskets, which are mounted on the handlebars, the Snoozer is positioned at the rear-end of the bike, making it a rear bike basket for dogs.

This dog bike basket is great for dogs under 20lb, however, it is suitable for dogs upto 24lb.

With internal dimensions of 19 x 16 x 10-inches, whilst offering a huge amount of space, the Snoozer’s side walls are extremely shallow.

This rear pet carrier has two important safety features:

  • Three-point safety straps located on the interior
  • High-visibility reflective strip which is great for road use

The Snoozer is placed on top of a rear bike rack, so if your bike doesn’t already have a rack, you will be required to install one before you can use this pet cycle carrier.

Included is an easily washable cover, which is removable from the plywood base and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty should any damages occur.

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  • 24lb weight limit which is ideal for small and medium sized dogs
  • Safety-focused design with a high visibility strip and three-point safety straps
  • Durable plywood base measuring 19 x 16 inches

4. DoggyRide Cocoon Front Bike Basket for Dogs

A multi-functional pet carrier of many skills

3 star

DoggyRide Cocoon Front Bike Basket for Dogs

  • Multi-purpose functionality which is good for: bike, car and flight travel
  • Generous weight limit of 12lb given the compact size
  • Very protective against the elements
  • Not the most secure and limited airflow due to design
  • Price is very high for what it offers, as there are many other better options for bicycle, air travel, and car travel respectively

If you want a pet bike carrier which can protect your designer dog, from not only wind but also rain; this Cocoon is just for you.

An expertly crafted removable Cocoon mesh dome is perhaps the best aspect of this carrier due to its versatility. With an incredibly adaptable carrying strap allowing for five possible attachable positions making it a:

  1. Bike basket
  2. Suitable airline carrier
  3. And dog crate

At 14 x 10 x 13-inches, this dog bike basket really fits anywhere, and has a very generous weight limit for pets up to 12lb, which is supported by a very firm base.

But, there are a few issues, this front bike basket for dogs, is not masterful in any given area, but, more-so just “good” for lots of different uses. It is not the most secure pet bicycle basket and is not the most durable when it comes to scratches and scrapes.

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  • Protective and easily removable mesh dome cover
  • Weight limit of 12lb
  • Spacious interior with a compact exterior
  • Multi-purpose carrier which can be used on bikes, walks, cars and planes

5. PetsFit Dog Bike Basket

A budget pet bike carrier

3 star

PetsFit Dog Bike Basket

  • Budget pet bike basket
  • Very easy to attach and release with a flat-packed design
  • Lots of extra storage on the exterior wall
  • No supportive braces
  • Very little airflow when the opening is closed
  • Walls may chafe and cause skin irritation to your dog during bumpy long rides

With a budget price-tag, the PetsFit has a weight limit of 10lb making it a great bike basket for small dogs.

It is easily washable, and accessible, with multiple extra storage pockets.

However, with a compact outer design there comes a cost; this dog bicycle basket has no supportive braces or clamps for the it to fix onto handlebars, rather it uses two straps.

These straps limit the maximum weight the basket can safely transport, but, makes it very easy to install and remove.

The closing lid design does not have the best air-flow, which we combined with the unsecure nature of the PetsFit, an uncomfortable journey for any dog larger than 6lb is almost guaranteed.

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  • 10lb maximum weight limit which is ideal for toy dogs
  • Easily washable and comfortable base
  • Multiple storage pockets for treats, leashes and other items

Buyer’s Guide To A Dog Bike Basket

What To Look For: Position, Storage, Fixing Mechanism and Safety

Pet Bike Basket

Front Handlebar vs. Rear Bike-Rack
Choosing between a front or rear dog bike basket is largely down to personal preference:

  • You may prefer to see your dog while riding
  • You may prefer the increase in weight capacity and space for your dog with rear pet baskets

Size and Storage
A pet bike basket should be as compact as possible on the outside, but, spacious on the inside allowing for maximum comfort and most importantly, breathability, for your dog.

If cramped, and lacking ventilation for fresh air-flow, the journey will be extremely poor for your dog.

Some carriers have extra storage pockets, which are best used for storing items such as water, treats, refuse-bags, and leashes, however, make sure they don’t take away from internal space.

Multi-Functional Design
Moving your dog to and from a basket from the bike will either be via picking them up, or better yet, just detaching and carrying them in the basket.

Versatility is great for longer journeys, however, you should decide if you are looking for a universal carrier which can be used as a dog, plane and bike basket and be prepared to accept a lack of overall quality and fit for purpose.

Fixing Mechanism
Ideally the basket should be clamped in to avoid unwanted bumpiness, if a basket uses straps, then the basket should have extra padding on the inside to negate movement and discomfort issues.

Other fixing features include a chin-rest for your dog, or multi-purpose clamps allow for more choice when deciding how and where to secure the basket.

Safety Features
Most of the dog baskets reviewed are only suitable for dogs upto 14lb, if your dog is much larger, you should consider a If your dog is a little too large, then you should consider a dog bike trailer.

More durable materials are best suited to making up the composition of a bike basket, and protective covers/meshes are a must if you want to protect them against the elements.

Safety leashes are also a good alternative to a proper cover, however both combined is best.

Walls should be comfortable and thick, the base comfortable and sturdy; the best bases will be removable for accessible cleaning.

A bike basket must have air-flow, the best designs have a mesh built into the edges of the carriers to allow for wind flow.


Our choice is the Travelin K9 for its excellent clasp mechanism (allowing for the safest possible journey) and its durable and sturdy design offering comfort and space for your dog.

A dog bike basket is perfect for bringing along your furry friend for a ride.

To give your dog the best possible journey, you will want to look for a pet basket which has: ventilation, security, comfort and storage.

Whether it is sunny or stormy, mild or windy, be sure to get a bike pet basket which will suit all possible weather conditions and is the correct size for your dog.

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