10 Best Dog Litter Boxes Reviewed: The Complete Indoor Dog Toilet Guide

A dog litter box or indoor dog toilet is prefect for pet parents who are training a puppy, live in a high-rise condo complex or have a home without a proper garden.

A litter box for dogs should be specifically designed and made for dogs, as they don’t actually use litter (like traditional cat or small animal litter boxes).

The best indoor dog toilet will be well placed and accessible, comfortable for your dog to use and is easy to sanitize and keep clean.

There are three different types of dog potties available:

In this article we review ten litter boxes for dogs to help you pick the best indoor dog toilet.

Real Grass Litter Boxes

Real Grass options offer a more natural and welcoming feel for your dog’s litter box. Their major advantages are odor control and their environmentally friendly materials. They typically require frequent replacement (every month) so can be more expensive.

1. DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

For a compact, natural and odor-absorbing litter box, the DoggieLawn is an affordable choice

4 star

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

  • Uses natural grass to absorb odor and give a more natural feeling
  • Environmentally friendly and very easy to set-up
  • Great for smaller apartments
  • Monthly subscription can make this option expensive
  • Packaging easily gets damp due to its eco-friendly design

A top quality dog litter box, the DoggieLawn is both disposable and, unlike other potties reviewed, it uses real grass.

Using real grass will this give a more natural and welcoming feeling for your dog, but, it is also environmentally friendly and it also absorbs bad odors better.

At 24 x 16-inches, the DoggieLawn is great for small dogs living in apartments, and comes in a very simple package making it easy to set-up in less than a minute.

Unfortunately, the outer-packaging of this box is made from cardboard making it very susceptible to leakage. Because of this it should be replaced every 2-3 weeks, bumping the cost up to around $30 month.

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DoggieLawn also make a larger 24 x 20 inch hydroponic grass variant which is slightly larger than the potty reviewed above.

2. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Litter Box

Real hydroponically grown grass

3 star

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Litter Box

  • Interlocking design means you can purchase multiple fresh patches to fit larger dog’s needs
  • Like the two DoggieLawn toilets, it is environmentally friendly and fast to set-up
  • Uses real hydroponically grown grass
  • Similar price to the larger DoggieLawn (reviewed above) and requires replacing more frequently

Unlike the first real grass dog potties, the Fresh Patch has an inter-lockable design; allowing it to be connected to other Fresh Patch boxes to make a larger toilet.

The standard size is 16 x 24-inches which is similar to the DoggieLawn.

It has the same issues as all real grass dog litter boxes, they require regular replacements which can make them expensive. Due to its bulkier packaging, this potty requires changing every 1-2 weeks, which makes the internal grass dimensions smaller.

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Synthetic Grass Litter Boxes

Unlike real grass models, the synthetic variety require constant cleaning, but, provide better value for money as they don’t require replacing. They typically have more effective waste disposable trays, making them easier to keep clean, but, sometimes the synthetic grass is easily moved and damaged.

1. Premium Pet Dog Litter Box

The best premium dog litter box with a good range of features

5 star

Premium Pet Dog Litter Box

  • Easy waste disposal tray for fast and effective cleaning
  • The synthetic grass is very soft
  • Works both indoor and outdoors thanks to durable and weatherproof materials
  • Made from toxic-free products so is safe for dogs
  • Unlike most synthetic models, the grass does not fix into the plastic frame making it prone to move

The Premium Pet dog litter box is great for both indoor and outdoor use because of its weatherproof materials and design. It is best placed on balconies or patios.

The grass on this model is very high quality and soft, and is made from toxic free environmentally friendly materials making it safe and friendly for dogs to use.

It has a unique waste design with a detachable tray for easy waste disposal, and at 20 x 25-inches it is suitable for larger sized dogs.

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2. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs

The best budget dog litter box, just don’t expect any of the bonus features (e.g. waste box) that come with the most expensive options

4.5 star

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs

  • Extremely durable despite being more of a short-term purchase
  • Good for regular astroturf use, as opposed to just a litter “box”
  • Very basic and simple design

Unlike all the other litter boxes for dogs reviewed in this article, the Savvygrow isn’t a tray or a box, but, rather an extendable roll of artificial green grass.

When fully rolled out, measuring 17 x 24-inches, this makes it the most space efficient and allows for some versatility when it comes to fitting the grass in a small space.

There are also the following options which are great for giant sized breeds:

This is a budget litter box, with a simple design and is made from extremely durable materials which are UV resistant and toxic free.

What is essentially a roll of synthetic grass, with drainage holes, it is easily cleanable, but, lacks any of the waste filters, detachable trays, or multi-layer systems seen with more premium models.

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3. Sonnyridge Easy Indoor Dog Potty

The Sonnyridge is a great, practical and compact indoor potty for dogs

4.5 star

Sonnyridge Easy Indoor Dog Potty

  • Triple-layered design which is very hygienic and practical
  • Anti-microbial grass is a very good synthetic alternative to real grass
  • Robust self-contained storage tray which holds the urine
  • Very easily shredded by frequent use or playful dogs who might paw at their potty

The Sonnyridge is an ideal litter box for puppies who are toilet training and are currently being house trained.

This is an ideal product for dogs who don’t have easy yard access and measures 26 x 16-inches so is great for medium, small and toy sized dog breeds.

The triple-layered design has artificial grass, placed on-top of a porous tray, with a durable base which collects and separates urine making cleaning and regular use very easy.

The grass used for this dog litter box is also anti-microbial which makes it absorb odor and makes for a very difficult environment for bacteria to grow.

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4. Synturfmats Large Pet Potty Patch

An excellent alternative to real grass for larger dog breeds

4 star

Synturfmats Large Pet Potty Patch

  • Good for large dog breeds
  • Grid tray system allows for easy drainage
  • Very portable and durable
  • The turf isn’t affixed to the potty which can make it easily slip / slide off

Although it comes in six size variants, we reviewed the large 20 x 30 model, which is ideal for dogs of most sizes and weight.

Similar to the Sonnyridge this dog litter box has a triple-layer system which is achieved using a grid tray inbetween a synthetic grass and plastic collection base tray.

Thanks to the newly designed grid tray especially, the Synturfmats is easily cleaned and drained, and very portable.

With regards to the grass, it is very durable and is very similar to real grass as it is made from polyethylene artificial grass.

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5. PETMAKER Puppy Litter Box

A good indoor toilet for pets

3.5 star

PETMAKER Puppy Litter Box

  • The grid tray system is odor resistant making it great for internal use
  • Large size makes it compatible with larger sized dog breeds
  • Less efficient triple layer system as the grid system is attached to the grass
  • Awkward to clean as the layering system requires peeling to separate

Similar to the Sonnyridge and Synturfmats indoor dog potties, this puppy litter box also uses a triple-layer filter system. However, because the middle layer is attached to the synthetic grass this can make cleaning more difficult.

There is also no easily cleanable or detachable tray, instead you will have to peel all three layers apart one by one, making a mess in the process, before cleaning can start.

The large size (of 20 x 25-inches) makes it larger than any real grass alternative so it can support larger sized dog breeds.

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Plastic Litter Boxes

Plastic dog potties (i.e. puppy training pad holders) are the most basic litter boxes available. They are typically very easy to set-up and use, however, they typically are only compatible with puppies or very small dogs and are very basic.

1. Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Litter Box

The best budget indoor dog potty which prevents your dog from chewing the puppy pads

4 star

Blyss Pets Indoor Dog Litter Box

  • Easily removable grate which allows for no mess whatsoever (most ideal for urine)
  • Very durable and compact design
  • Prevents your puppy from chewing the puppy training pads
  • No walls to prevent spillages
  • Whilst great for smaller dogs, it isn’t compatible with medium or large dog breeds

The Blyss is a plastic indoor dog litter box with a sleek, smooth and vividly colored design.

The fastenable grate system is meant to go over the top of a regular puppy pad to secure it in place. Whilst preventing your puppy from chewing on their puppy training pad, it also allows for your dog to reuse the same pad multiple times without getting their paws wet.

The grate system allows for easy cleaning, as its typically only the pad that gets dirty, it also has the added benefit of preventing your dog from trying to attack the corners of the pad.

If you are more focused on house-breaking your puppy this is a very good purchase.

It is not too small, coming in at 21.5 x 16.5-inches, and easily sticks to any surface you place it on.

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2. IRIS Puppy Training Pad Holder

This great indoor puppy toilet is ideal for holding puppy pads down during house breaking

3.5 star

IRIS Puppy Training Pad Holder

  • Easily cleaned with little mess
  • Very transportable and easily fixed with four non-skid feet
  • Incredibly durable
  • The design is only compatible with specific types of puppy pads
  • Best suited to puppy training as opposed to regular dog-use

The IRIS is purposely built for holding training pads in place, it is designed to hold the NS-10UW extra large pet pads – this makes cleaning and waste collection incredibly easy.

With a foldable base, which is able to be placed at various angles, against walls, or in corners, the IRIS pad holder is very versatile.

The IRIS measures 25.20 x 37.10-inches, making it the largest dog litter box on the list. You would think this would make transporting it difficult, but, thanks to the foldable design this is not a problem.

Whilst lacking some of the features the synthetic or real grass holders litter dog boxes have, the IRIS does come with a very secure pad holder to ensure there is very little mess.

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3. Dogit Puppy Pad Holder

A basic and good indoor puppy pad holder

3 star

Dogit Puppy Pad Holder

  • Durable and easy to clean design
  • Rubber barriers help prevent waste
  • Designed for one specific type of puppy pad

Much like with the earlier reviewed IRIS puppy pad holder, this puppy litter box is also a tray designed to hold one specific type of puppy pad.

However, this box lacks the foldable and versatile design of the IRIS. But, it does have raised rubber barriers to prevent leakage, as opposed to the pad holder of the IRIS.

Best for smaller dogs or puppies, measuring a smaller 23.5 x 23.5-inches.

Extremely long-lasting and durable thanks to its very sturdy design.

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The Verdict: Which Dog Litter Box Is The Best?

Indoor Dog Potty Our Rating Price Range
Best Real Grass DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty 4 star $$
Best Synthetic Grass Premium Pet Dog Litter Box 4.5 star $$$
Best Plastic Blyss Pets Indoor Dog Litter Box 4 star $$

A dog litter box should not only be functional, but, hygienic, and most of all comfortable for both your dog and the overall living space.

While some designs may be superb in their simplicity, it is important to also consider additional features such as drainage holes, waste filtering and waste trays; especially with larger size dogs.

The benefits of an indoor dog toilet are ideal for anyone who has a smaller dog or limited/no garden space.

Each variant (real, synthetic or plastic) have their own associated positives and negatives, but, above all else the deciding factor of picking a toilet should be cleanliness.

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    Thank you for your response,
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