Best Dog Harness For Pugs: What To Know Before Buying One

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If you own a Pug, you will know how excitable they can be whilst out on a walk, and if they are wearing a collar and leash, this has the potential to damage their necks.

That’s why we recommend that you walk your Pug in a harness (rather than using the ring on their collar).

You will spend plenty of time choosing the right puppy, and a perfect name for them, so make sure you put in an equal amount of time to ensure all their equipment is perfect too.

We have tried and tested five of the best harnesses for pugs to help you choose the right one.

If you already know which type and fit of harness you want, jump straight to our reviews.

If not, keep reading to learn about the different types, fits and the best choice for your dog, before taking a look at our reviews.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses for Pugs

Types of Harnesses for Pugs

The type of harness you choose for your Pug will depend on what you want to them for.

Some harnesses have been designed to wear on a daily basis, whereas others help with training and problematic behaviors.

Here are the main types of harnesses which are suitable for Pug dogs:

1. Step In

Step in harnesses, sometimes known as Back Clips, are really simple to use, your dog will step into the harness and then you will buckle it onto their back.

This gear is preferable for many dogs, because it doesn’t have to be slipped over their heads (which some dogs don’t like).

They are also usually fully adjustable and work well for Pugs, as well as mixed breeds.

2. Dual Clip

The dual and multi clip type comes with clips on both the front and back, and sometimes they have up to four different clips.

They usually have a couple of different points where you can attach the leash, depending on the level of control you need over the dog and how well trained they are.

This type is most commonly used to correct behavioral issues or during training sessions.

3. Vest

Vest harnesses are great if your Pug will be wearing a harness for an extended period of time.

They are usually not adjustable, but are made to be very comfortable with extra padding.

This option is usually the cheapest, most affordable option and is a great introduction to harnesses if your puppy isn’t used to wearing one.

Choosing a Good Pug Harness

Pug Puppy Wearing a Harness
This breed has quite a different body shape to most other breeds of dogs as their heads are typically quite small in relation to their necks and chest; so it is important to choose the right sized harness.

A poorly fitting harness will irritate your canine, and cause more long term damage if it affects their breathing or walking.

The best Pug harness will be easy to fit, and comfortable for your four-legged friend to wear without pinching their skin, here are a few tips:

  1. Choose one which has been designed for flat-faced breeds with wide chests
  2. Choose a fabric material with is breathable and lightweight (e.g. nylon)
  3. Choose one that is quick and easy to fit

How to Fit a Pug Harness

Cute Pug Wearing a Harness
It should fit snugly, and not be able to slip off, but should also not be too tight.

To choose the correct harness you’ll need to measure the circumference of your Pug’s chest, and the circumference of their neck.

When measuring around their chest, you should choose the widest part which is usually three or four fingers back from their front legs.

Most Pugs will probably need a small or medium dog harness which measures 16 inches around the chest.

Fitting will depend on which style you’ve opted for, but usually they are quite straight forward to put on, you’ll either:

  1. Slip it over the dog’s head
  2. Get them to step into it and fasten the buckles


You should be able to fit two fingers underneath your dog’s harness, any more than this and it’s too loose, and less and it’s too tight.

If your canine is measuring in between two sizes, choose the larger size and use the straps to adjust it.

Should You Use a Dog Harness for Pugs?

Pug Dog in a Harness

  • Unlike a collar and leash, a harness fits around the Pugs entire chest and body area; this means that if they pull, the weight is distributed evenly across their shoulders, chest and back.
  • They are much safer than a collar and leash in many dog breeds.
  • Using one can help with training, reduce pulling on the leash, and make it less likely for your dog can escape.
  • They protect your Pug’s neck from injury and allow them to breathe much more easily.
  • Using a harness can help to prevent problems such as hip dysplasia and other mobility issues and health problems in Pugs.
  • Pugs are brachycephalic breeds, which means they can be prone to tracheal collapse inflicted by pulling on a collar.
  • Due to their short nasal airway, thick neck and delicate face, putting any amount of pressure on their necks can injure their windpipe.

The Verdict: Best Pug Harness

Pug Harness Our Rating Price Range
Best Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness (Easy Control) 5 star $$
Best Value Option Voyager Step-in 4 star $

1. Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness (Easy Control)

An easy-to-use and fully adjustable Pug harness (5 star)

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness

  • Comes with 4 fully adjustable straps
  • Made from a breathable and durable material
  • Has reflective strips for safe night time walks
  • Difficult to adjust while it’s on

This Rabbitgoo is easy to put on, with two fast-release buckles, and simply slips over your Pug’s head… buckle it up and use the four adjustable straps to tighten or loosen using our guide above.

With two different attachment clips to attach the leash to (one on the chest and one on the back) you can get good pulling and side control:

  • The back one is great for walking and jogging
  • The chest one is great if you’re training your dog to stop pulling on walks

It’s made from nylon, and has soft padding to protect their skin, which when coupled with the fact it’s lightweight and breathable makes it the best harness for a small Pug body.

This harness is also idea if you want to go on evening walks, as it has a bright reflective strip.

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2. Voyager Step-in

All weather mesh harness with reflective bands (4 star)

Voyager Step-in

  • Affordable price tag
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Great for Pugs who don’t like harnesses being put over their heads
  • Can’t be adjusted
  • The sizing is wrong so opt for one size smaller size than recommended

Because it’s been made from a breathable mesh material, which keeps Pugs cool on hot days and warm on colder days, the Voyager was designed to be used in any type of weather.

With a step in design, it is easy to put on as your dog simply needs to walk into the harness, and then you clip it on at the back.

It has three safety features including:

  1. Hook
  2. Loop fastener
  3. Buckle and double D-rings

It has two reflective bands on either side which provides greater visibility during early morning and late night walks.

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3. Puppia Soft Pug Harness

Adjustable harness with quick-release buckles (3 star)

Puppia Soft Dog Harness

  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Available in more than 10 different colors with a matching leash
  • Machine washable
  • Overhead design which some Pugs won’t like
  • Neck circumference isn’t adjustable

This small and lightweight Puppia harness slips over your Pug’s head, and their legs go through the arm hole, to create a snug fit!

There is an adjustable strap to tighten up, or loosen the harness, and a D clip ring on the back to attach a leash to.

It is available in many different colors including: red, blue, black, orange, yellow and green – there is a color to suit any color of Pug!

It has a padded neck opening to prevent any rubbing around their necks, which helps to protect against neck injuries, and is made from a high quality air-mesh material which is water-repellent and breathable.

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4. Chai’s Adventure Harness

A stylish and high quality pug harness (4 star)

Chai’s Adventure Harness

  • Added support for handicapped or injured dogs
  • Two different attachment points for a leash
  • Additional loop to secure them when in the car
  • It is not as lightweight as other options
  • Difficult to adjust while wearing

One of the more stylish Pug harnesses featured in this review, is the Chai’s Adventure Harness.

It is made from quality materials, including scratch-resistant material for the outer layer and lightweight durable buckles.

With padding around the chest and belly for added comfort, the straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

This harness can be used for walks both in the morning and evening, as it has reflective strips to ensure your dog is always visible and the leash can be attached to two different points including the D ring on the back of the harness or the O ring on the chest area.

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5. EcoBark Classic No Pull

A no pull gentle harness with anti-rub technology (3 star)

EcoBark Classic No Pull

  • Simple and easy to put on
  • Custom stitched cover prevents chaffing
  • Made from ecofriendly materials
  • Not ideal for dogs which don’t like having to put their head through first
  • Neck section can’t be adjusted

The EcoBark is made with a double layered mesh fabric and was designed to last.

It is ideal for walking, running and hiking, with a breathable lightweight outer shell, and an anti-rub technology to prevent your Pug’s skin from becoming chaffed.

Their harness is escape proof, provided the correct size has been chosen, and it is easily slipped on and off over your Pug’s head with a single quick buckle.

The EcoBark has straps (made from recycled water bottles) which can be adjusted to make sure the harness fits perfectly.

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There is such a wide range of choices and types available, it is important that when you choose a harness for your Pug that it fits their stocky shape.

Remember, you should not leave your Pug in a harness permanently (like some owners would a collar) and it should only be used while you are walking or running with you pooch.

If left on for extended periods of time, their body oils will build up under the harness and they won’t have the healthy air circulation required to cool their coat.

Our favorite is the Rabbitgoo No-Pull, we would love to hear from you if you have one of these harnesses for your Pug, or if you have experience of more than one, which one did you prefer?

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