5 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair: Get a Hair Free Home!

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Whilst some say nothing in life is guaranteed, we’re placing high bets that your dog will shed and you will need the best pet hair vacuum.

Even though hypoallergenic dogs may shed less than others, they will still drop hair as they wander around your home.

If you are lucky enough to own a double coated breed, she will shed too, and you will vacuum a lot!

Dog owners are always searching for the best vacuum for pet hair that will cope with daily, if not twice daily use.

A great pet hair vacuum needs to pick up the hair from everywhere: the stairs, the floor, the rugs and the sofa. It needs to be easy-to-use, easy-to-empty and easy-to-clean.

So, we have set our standards, let’s see if the current market meets them.

The Verdict: Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

Pet Hair Vacuum Our Rating Price Range
Best Premium Dyson Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner 5 star $$$
Runner Up Shark Rotator True Pet Vacuum 5 star $$$
Best Budget Dirt Devil Bagless Upright Pet Hair Vacuum 5 star $

1. Dyson Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect for heavy shedding dogs (5 star)

Dyson Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head seals suction across carpets, vinyl, wood or tiles making pet hair collection easy.
  • Powerful 270aW motor which provides plenty of suction for pet hair.
  • Filtration system perfect to help manage mild allergies.
  • Weighing 17.3 pounds, it’s not the lightest vacuum to manoeuvre around the home.
  • Premium price tag.

One of the powerhouses in the pet hair vacuum market, Dyson are still holding strong with their Animal 2.

Boasting the strongest suction of any vacuum, the Dyson has been a dog-parent’s favorite for many years excelling with heavy shedding dogs.

Everyone will notice the Dyson from first glance, it has this impressive ball design which enables easy navigation around your home and its stability and maneuverability are second to none.

The Animal 2 comes with a range of tools to easily vacuum those hard to reach areas including an extension tool which makes keeping your architrave and stairs hair-free easy.

This vacuum has a HEPA filtration system which ensures that allergens and bacteria are removed from the home; making it perfect for mild allergy sufferers who still want a pet!

Dyson’s are placed at the premium end of the market, but with good reason. Their years of development has produced some of the most efficient vacuums which is exactly what pet owners need.


  • Holding market leadership, the Dyson Animal 2 is a premium pet hair vacuum with a premium price tag. It does exactly what it says it should (i.e. removes all pet hair), but you will notice the added weight during your cleaning routine.

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2. Shark Rotator True Pet Vacuum

A great alternative to the Dyson (4 star)

Shark Rotator True Pet Vacuum

  • Lighter than the Dyson animal weighing just 16lb.
  • 30ft cord to give you more vacuuming time before you need to swap plugs.
  • Pet-Multi tool which makes collecting pet hair easy.
  • The roller brush struggles with deep pile carpets.
  • Premium price tag.

The most recent brand to grace the pet hair vacuum market, Shark vacuums are increasingly being chosen over our trusty Dysons.

Whilst Dyson’s are still impressive, and arguably have a more powerful suction, the Shark just does some things better:

  • The ability to switch from hard-carpet to floor at the switch of a button
  • Lift away mode, not only is the Shark light to work with, you can remove the top section away from the roller brush to make it much less cumbersome vacuuming the stairs or curtain poles
  • LED lights, whilst some may consider unnecessary for a vacuum, you’ll soon realize how helpful they are when cleaning under sofas or beds
  • Finally, you can empty the Shark by the touch of a button too

Perhaps the most worthwhile feature, the Shark Vacuums are easy to dismantle.

You can remove the bin and filters with this vacuum which makes cleaning very easy. Your home is only as clean as your vacuum and you’ll be mortified how dusty your home actually was after your first whip around with the Shark!

It is super easy to keep the Shark clean, which means the vacuum will be more efficient. You also save money not having to buy replacement filters all the time.

The Shark has the HEPA filtration system too, which traps dust and allergens.


  • Shark vacuums are deep-cleaners and are quickly becoming a well-priced alternative to the Dyson. Easy to maintain and clean, they are firm favorites with pet owners, once you’ve tried it, you’ll soon realize why.

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3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

A good mid range 2-in-1 pet hair vacuum (4 star)

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

  • Hands free emptying system.
  • Filtration system to help manage allergies with added Febreze filter.
  • Extender wand and 2 in 1 design.
  • Heavier in weight than most pet hair vacuums.
  • Suction isn’t as powerful as the Dyson or Shark.

The Bissell, being similar in design to the Shark pet hair vacuum, also has a lift away function, making it less cumbersome for high up vacuuming or cleaning those stairs.

This vacuum boasts an LED function on the crevice tool too, ensuring you get all those pesky hairs from your malting dog.

Offering a tangle free pet-brush, you should have unfaltering cleaning for the duration!

Whilst the Bissell offers a filtration system too, trapping allergens in the unit, the new addition to the Bissell is a Febreze odor eliminator filter. This could be particularly helpful for those owners who worry their homes smell.


  • Boasting similar features to the powerhouses in the market (i.e. Dyson Animal), the Bissell performs well and has a less-premium price tag. You may feel more confident parting with your dollars when you know they founded Bissell Pet Foundation which helps lost, abused, neglected and abandoned pets find new safe homes.

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4. Eureka Bagless Pet Vacuum

Good for maneuverability but heavy to carry (3 star)

Eureka Bagless Pet Vacuum

  • Several onboard pet tools to keep your home hair free.
  • Extra large (1.6L) dust capacity for longer between emptying.
  • 30ft cord to give you more vacuuming time before you need to swap plugs.
  • Weighing in at 18 pounds, this is the heaviest vacuum reviewed.
  • Suction isn’t as powerful as the Dyson or Shark.

Its swivel design means the Eureka is a firm favorite in terms of maneuverability with a big wheel design which makes transitioning from hard flooring to carpet suffer no loss of suction.

The Eureka comes with a turbo pet brush making it easy to remove pet hair from upholstery, bedding and stairs.

Like the Shark, the Eureka is easy to dismantle, making it super-easy to keep clean. Simply remove the filters and wash with cool water.

The Eureka has a HEPA filter too, like most of the best vacuums for pet hair, making it a helpful aid to manage mild allergies. A HEPA filter works by forcing air through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

This pet hair vacuum has a range of onboard tools, its 16” crevice tool is the biggest one they offer, making it possible to get into those hard to reach areas where pet hair can go unattended.

You’ll be thankful for the 12-foot hose length too.


  • The Eureka will be disregarded by some based on its weight and bulkiness, however, its maneuverability makes up for this. The Eureka is a good pet vacuum, with a middle of the road price.

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5. Dirt Devil Bagless Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Best budget vacuum for pet hair (5 star)

Dirt Devil Bagless Upright Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

  • Budget price tag.
  • Odor trapping filter and anti-hair wrap dirt cup.
  • Brush roll automatic floor height adjust making pet hair collection easy.
  • Harder to clean than other pet vacuums and you may have to remove clogs from the beater bar (this can be tricky).
  • No HEPA filter system.

Being the lightest pet vacuum we reviewed, the Dirt Devil is perfect for those who are less mobile. Its swivel design makes it a dream to maneuver around furniture in the home.

The Dirt Devil comes with it’s very own Turboclaw pet tool, which is said to remove even the most stubborn pet hair!

Boasting a new filtration system which is super-easy to clean. The hassle-free filter system can be rinsed under water, keeping your vacuum low maintenance and long-lasting. Not having to buy replacement filters also saves you money in the long run.

Coming with a cleaning wand, the Dirt Devil makes it easy to reach high up or low down too.

Being the cheapest reviewed, the Dirt Devil boasts all the right functionality at a fraction of the price!


  • A lightweight and budget pet hair vacuum that generally performs well in dog homes. The Dirt Devil is the best option if you are less mobile or just find some vacuums too cumbersome.

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Dogs shed – that’s a given.

Not only that but dogs produce dander, they bring in dirt and dust and generally whatever else happens to be in the yard.

Whilst we wouldn’t have it any other way, there are certain things that can make our lives as dog owners a little easier – buying the best vacuum for pet hair is one of those things.

The two powerhouses in the vacuum world are Dyson and Shark, without a doubt, their premium prices are well worth the investment.

There are other brands that offer similar functions and boast similar power ratings, without the high price tag. Whilst the Dyson is superb, it’s heavy. If you are less mobile, the Dirt Devil may be more suitable due to its light weight.

If you suffer with allergies, you need a machine with a HEPA filter, here the Dirt Devil wouldn’t be as helpful, but the Eureka would keep your home particulate free.

Ultimately, which vacuum you choose will depend on budget, function and ease of use. Let us know which one you decided to buy in the comments below.

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