Top 30 Disney Dog Names: Magical, Cute & Mystical Ideas

Disney Dog Names Feature

Are you a huge fan of all things Disney?

Well, we think it would be a paw-some idea for you to give your pooch a Disney-inspired dog name.

Choosing from Disney dog names is a great way to choose a unique title for your furry friend… it also goes down a treat with the younger members of the family.

Whether you are a lover of Pixar, or the classic fairy tails, there’s a name out there for your four-legged friend!

Top 30 Disney Dog Names

Take a look at our list of monikers below to find your puppy’s title!

We are sure there’s a title that is bound to get everyones’ tails wagging…

Best Dog Names Based on Disney Movies
Ariel Goofy Pluto
Aladdin Georgette Perdita
Aurora Hercules Poppins
Bolt Jiminy Rapunzel
Baymax Jasmine Simba
Buzz Kronk Stitch
Cinderella Kiara Tarzan
Copper Lady Tiger Lily
Dodger Mickey Tramp
Elsa Mulan Winnie
Eeyore Nana Zazu

A to Z of Disney Dog Names Based on Disney Characters

Disney Dog

  • Ariel – This would make a great choice for any pooch who loves to swim! Ariel is the name of the Disney princess who started life out in the sea as a beautiful mermaid but fell in love with a human prince.
  • Aladdin – Aladdin is the title of a pauper turned into a prince with the help of a generous Genie and three wishes. The word also means someone of ‘nobility’ and ‘wealth’ in Arabic, so it’s a great choice for a pedigree pooch.
  • Aurora – Does your furry-friend love to sleep? Then look no further – we’ve found a choice for your very own sleeping beauty. Aurora is the princess who enters a slumber for 100 years.
  • Bolt – This would be absolutely pawfect for a white German Shepherd dog – just like the dog Bolt. A brilliant idea for any dog who loves to run as fast as a lightning-bolt.
  • Baymax – Is your furry-friend always up for a cuddle? Then this is certainly the choice for them. Baymax is a soft and caring friend and also doubles up as a super-hero, so this name really ticks all the boxes.
  • Buzz – TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! We think this name is probably one of the most iconic on this list. Buzz Lightyear is the Space Ranger toy in the Toy Story franchise famous for his brave antics.
  • Cinderella – Is your puppy a pretty princess? Then this is the dog name for your pooch! Cinderella is probably the most famous Disney princess and went from rags to riches when her fairy godmother helped her go to the prince’s ball!
  • Copper – This would make the perfect title for a hunting hound. Copper is the hunting dog in the Fox and the Hound. We woof it!
  • Dodger – Does your pooch have a care-free and cheeky personality? Then look no further. Dodger is the cool canine companion in the film Oliver and Company – he’s a laid back and super cool street dog.
  • Elsa – This dog name is best suited for a feisty and furr-ocious female. Elsa is the ice queen from the Disney film frozen and is known for being one of their strongest and most independent female characters.
  • Eeyore – This is the perfect choice for a dog that’s a little grumpy! Eeyore is the name of the donkey from Winnie the Pooh who is always gloomy. We think this would make an apawable title for a small dog!
  • Goofy – If you have got a little goofball at home, why not name your loveable pup after this cheeky Disney dawg? Fitting for a dog with a funny personality, Goofy is Mickey Mouse’s best friend!
  • Georgette – This title screams prissy and posh – so this moniker is reserved for the classiest of canines! Georgette is the name of the vain Poodle in Oliver and Company who is pawsitively obsessed with herself!
  • Hercules – This would make a hilarious name for your small furry friend – it would just be so ironic! Hercules is the Greek God known for being big, brave and strong.
  • Jiminy – Jiminy is the cricket in Pinocchio who acts as the puppet boy’s conscience. This is a brilliant idea for your canine sidekick and would be even more fitting if you and your pup are inseparable pals.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine is the beautiful princess Aladdin falls in love with – not only would this be a great idea for any princess enthusiast, it’s also a really pretty name in its own right.
  • Kronk – In case you don’t know, Kronk is the name of the villain’s side kick in the Emperors New Groove, but he’s actually a really loveable character! He’s definitely not the brightest spark so this would make a funny choice for a pup who maybe isn’t too keen on going to their puppy training classes…
  • Kiara – Kiara is Simba’s daughter in the Lion King sequels. The name is a beautiful choice and actually has a really nice meaning behind it as it’s an Irish word meaning ‘dark-haired’ – perhaps a Labrador?
  • Lady – Perhaps one of the most iconic Disney dogs, Lady is the name of the Spaniel who fell in love with a stray dog. If you have a loveable Spaniel, then why not give them after one of the most famous Disney dogs of all times?
  • Mickey – The face of Walt Disney’s company, how can you resist this marvellous mouse’s name for your hound? We think that Mickey would make a brilliant choice for a cute and playful pooch who just loves affection and chasing balls in the dog park.
  • Mulan – Here’s a title fit for a furrr-ocious female! Mulan is the name of the Chinese warrior who defied the odds and joined the army despite being a woman. We think this idea is totally badass and is a great choice if you’re looking to unleash your inner feminist.
  • Nana – Why not pick this title after the cute and caring dog from Peter Pan? We would definitely pick this name for a pawfect pitbull – they’re actually called ‘nanny dogs’ because of their gentle nature with children. We can’t think of a more fitting title!
  • Pluto – Another iconic Disney dog name for a pooch! Pluto is Mickey’s faithful canine companion and a member of the ‘sensational six’ – the main stars of the Disney universe. We think that this is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a very obvious choice!
  • Perdita – Have you spotted the perfect name for your puppy yet? Well, how about considering Perdita? This is the name of the mother dog in 101 Dalmatians and would obviously make a fitting name for your pooch if they have a wonderful spotted coat!
  • Poppins – We think this is simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This Disney dog moniker comes from the nanny Mary Poppins – so why not name your pup after this British sensation?
  • Rapunzel – The name of the princess with magically long hair and of course, this means only one thing… it would be a fitting title to give a dog with a long coat.
  • Simba – For your pride and joy, they deserve a title fit for a king. This choice certainly is just that! The name of the rightful king of pride rock in the Lion King. It also makes a fantastic choice if your dog has a bark as loud as a lion’s roar!
  • Stitch – This is probably our favorite on the list! Stitch is the blue alien (originally mistaken as a dog!) who causes mischief and mayhem when adopted by his owner Lilo. This would make the perfect choice for a cheeky canine with a playful and mischievous personality.
  • Tarzan – Does your dog live life on the wild side? Then why not title them after this Disney character? This is an awesome Disney dog name for any dog and owner who love to be out exploring nature.
  • Tiger Lily – The chief’s daughter in Peter Pan. Tiger-lily means ‘strong and hard’ however, it is still a really feminine choice. We think it’s a cute way to give a subtle nod to the Disney universe.
  • Tramp – Have you got a scruffy puppy? Tramp is the dog who the Lady falls in love with for his charm, street smart and good looks! He’s a huge heartthrob for all the hounds, so we think this would be a brilliant choice for a boy dog who has stolen your heart.
  • Winnie – Is your pooch as sweet as honey? This is the name of Winnie the Pooh, Disney’s yellow bear who always seems to be hungry! We think this dog name would especially suit a yellow Labrador who can’t get enough of his doggy-treats.
  • Zazu – This is a name for a boy or a girl, although, in Disney’s the Lion King Zazu is the name of the male parrot who acts as the king’s hand. Zazu is actually a Hebrew word meaning ‘movement’ – so it is also a great choice for a puppy who just can’t sit still.


We hope our list of Disney names has made your dreams come true!

Sometimes it can be ruff when you are searching for the right title for your pooch, however, we think that choosing a Disney character’s name is a great idea.

It gives you the opportunity to title your puppy after a character that totally matches their personality.

All of these ideas are fun for the whole family, but everyone has their favorites! Ours are Stitch and Mulan, what are yours?

We would love it if you’d tell us in the comment below.

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