Are Border Collies Easy to Train?

No, border collies are not easy to train. They’re highly intelligent and alert, so they can understand what’s required with ease. However, they’re also independent thinkers and can be stubborn if they don’t see the need to learn a particular behavior or obey a command. Border collies need consistent reinforcement and clear boundaries because they will test your limits.

Another reason why it can be more challenging to train a border collie than other less intelligent breeds is that they are not particularly motivated by food rewards. However, they are very motivated by positive reinforcement, so praise and a pat on the back will encourage them to behave the way you need. As working dogs, they’re also task-oriented and will be more enthusiastic about learning how to complete a challenge like fetching a ball from the undergrowth or completing an agility circuit, rather than simply sitting or lying on command.

If you’re not an experienced or confident trainer, consider enrolling your border collie in puppy training or even advanced obedience classes. They’ll be fun for both of you and allow your pet to show you just what a clever and good dog it is.