Are huskies high maintenance?

Yes, huskies are high maintenance. Huskies are high maintenance because they:

  • Need 1 to 2 hours of exercise per day. 1 to 2 hours of exercise is the minimum requirement for huskies. Huskies are extremely high energy dogs and would love even more exercise if you’re able to provide more.
  • Need mental exercise. Huskies need regular stimuli to remain content and healthy, or they will become bored, stressed, and frustrated. Taking huskies for daily walks or play sessions at the park to provide them with fresh stimuli are necessary to keep your husky healthy and obedient.
  • Constantly want attention. As huskies are naturally a pack-oriented breed, they are inclined to want companions and frequent interactions with them. You’ll need to provide your husky with a lot of attention and affection to keep it content.
  • Shed a lot. Huskies shed their puppy fur when they are 10 to 14 months old, and then shed their coats once or twice a year once they mature. The frequent shedding requires too much cleaning up for some people.
  • Need a strong authority figure. Because huskies are an inherently pack-oriented breed with a group hierarchy, they often need an alpha to help them understand what to do and what not to do. As your husky’s owner, you need to become a strong authority figure with frequent discipline and reinforcement, or your husky will act out and behave naughtily.