Are Newfoundland dogs smelly?

No, Newfoundland dogs are not smelly. Newfoundland dogs don’t smell any better or worse than other breeds of dogs.

However, if you do not provide your Newfoundland with proper care and regular grooming, your dog will be extra smelly.

Newfoundland dogs have a double coat that requires weekly brushing. If you don’t brush your dog on a weekly basis, its coat will become matted and contain debris. A dirty coat can lead to skin infections that will be smelly.

Poor brushing habits are not the only reason for a smelly dog. Newfoundlands can have seasonal or food allergies that also cause skin infections that stink.

In addition to smelly skin infections, the paws of a Newfoundland are prone to yeast infections. Pay attention to your Newfoundland’s paws. If the yeast infection becomes a big problem, its paws will make your dog and house smelly, too.

Ultimately, if your Newfoundland dog smells, it’s because you’re not taking proper care of them.