Can a Border Collie be Left Alone?

Yes, a border collie can be left alone. However, the border collie was originally bred to work closely with a human for hours each day, faithfully helping him achieve his task of looking after sheep. So it’s a breed that craves human companionship.

As long as they have adequate exercise, most adult border collies can handle being left alone for four to five hours. However, if they’re left alone for more extended periods, perhaps because you have to work, they’re likely to become bored, frustrated, and destructive.

Border collies fit best into households where there’s always someone around and where they can have several exercise sessions daily to help burn off their energy. If you love running, cycling, or hiking, they’ll be your perfect companion. However, if you’re more of an indoor person looking for a dog to snuggle up to while you both relax and watch TV, a border collie is not the breed for you.