Do Australian Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

Yes, Australian shepherds like to cuddle. However, as they’re an independent and strong-willed breed, it will be on their own terms. They’ll let you know when they’re in the mood, and some are more stand-offish than others.

Even Australian shepherds who aren’t big cuddlers will still find ways to show how much they love you by:

  • Following your orders to make you happy
  • Sniffing you to show their interest in where you’ve been
  • Protecting you when they sense a threat
  • Rolling onto their backs to demonstrate their trust
  • Leaning against you or sitting on your feet
  • Licking you – something they only do to those they feel a close bond with
  • Following you wherever you go
  • Bringing you gifts – perhaps sharing their toys
  • Inviting you to play their favorite games