Do beagles bark a lot?

Yes, beagles bark a lot. Beagles love to bark, bay and howl. It’s instinctive for them, as they were originally bred to chase prey.  It’s their way of alerting you that they’ve sighted or sniffed out something interesting and you should come and take a look.

Beagles are great communicators, so will bay and howl to let you know what they want – their dinner, a pee-break, playtime, or a cuddle.

However, if your beagle howls when left alone, it can annoy your neighbors more than regular barking. Take steps to control or minimize it (though don’t expect to be able to eliminate it).

Here are some steps you can take to help reduce barking and howling from your beagle:

  •       Ignoring him when he howls
  •       Helping him overcome the fears that trigger him (for example fireworks or thunder)
  •       Distract him so he stops pretty quickly
  •       Give him lots of exercise and playtime, so he doesn’t howl out of boredom, and he’ll sleep when you’re away
  •       Address any separation anxiety by progressive, reward-based training