Do Corgis Bark a Lot?

Yes, corgis bark a lot. They were originally bred to help herd cattle and their loud bark was a useful way of controlling the larger animals. It was also helpful to alert farmers to potential threats, and to ward off predators.

Many corgis retain this behavior, although the amount of barking varies. Some corgis seem to bark non-stop, while others will only bark to alert their owner to something unexpected happening.

Although corgis typically bark more than some other breeds, they can be trained to limit their barking and to understand when to stay quiet.

Ensure it has plenty of exercise so it doesn’t need to bark to release pent up energy. Walking, running or even playing indoors will help to tire it out and keep your corgi from barking.

If you live in close proximity to neighbors, or just want a quiet pet that won’t disturb you or others with its bark, a corgi may not be the best breed for you.