Do German shepherds bark a lot?

Yes, German shepherds bark a lot. German shepherds were originally bred to bark aggressively and ferociously to guard and herd livestock.

Although most German shepherds aren’t used to herd or guard livestock anymore, they are still natural protectors. German shepherds will bark when they:

  • Feel threatened. Sometimes another dog or stranger will get too close to you or your house so your German shepherd will bark to scare the intruders away.
  • Feel anxious or afraid. Young children and people without dogs often don’t know how to interact with dogs. They might be too rough with your German shepherd and this will cause them to bark.
  • Feel excited. Your German shepherd might see a squirrel or sense a female dog that is in heat nearby and will bark. Your German shepherd will also bark during play time if they get too excited.

Although German shepherds bark a lot, strong and constant training will cut down on the barking. Giving your German shepherd a lot of time to socialize with other dogs, people, and animals will also reduce how often your German shepherd barks.