Do Great Pyrenees Bark a Lot?

Yes, great Pyrenees bark a lot. They were initially bred to guard livestock, so they use their bark to scare away predators, and to alert owners of potential dangers. This protective instinct means they make excellent watchdogs.

While their deep, loud bark deters intruders, excessive barking can become a problem, especially if you have neighbors living close by who need to get their sleep. In addition, continuous barking, especially during the night, at the slightest unexpected noise or movement can make them challenging to keep as pets in urban or suburban areas.

However, if you have ample outdoor space, your great Pyrenees will happily patrol it and constantly look out for unwanted human or animal visitors.

As great Pyrenees have a reputation for being stubborn, independent and hard to train, it can be difficult to control their urge to bark. Early training, which rewards them when they stop barking, may help. However, most great Pyrenees are not very treat-motivated, and you may need to accept that barking is part of a great Pyrenees’ natural behavior.

If you’re looking for a quiet dog, other breeds may be a better choice for you.