Do huskies get jealous?

Yes, huskies get jealous. Huskies crave attention and love to belong. If a husky feels that you are giving more attention to another dog or family member, the husky will feel jealous. It will feel like it doesn’t really belong and act out.

Huskies also have a feeling of guardianship over things and even people. If another dog plays with your husky’s toy, your husky will become very protective of the toy to the point of fighting. Huskies will do this with people, too. Huskies can view you as their property and resent other dogs that you interact with.

You can prevent or stop jealousy in huskies by:

  • Being careful of how much time you spend with one dog versus the other.
  • Feeding your dogs separately to avoid conflict.
  • Having two of every dog toy and bed.
  • Training your husky to feel safe and relaxed when they’re own their own.
  • Putting a leash on both dogs when going for walks.