Do Newfoundland dogs bite?

Yes, Newfoundland dogs bite. Newfoundland dogs bite when:

  • They feel fear. Newfoundland dogs are proactive when it comes to protecting themselves or their owner. When fearful of a stranger, the Newfoundland dog bites first before the stranger does anything aggressive.
  • They are in pain. Newfoundland dogs often have joint problems due to their big size. If they are suffering from health problems and are in pain, Newfoundlands will bite.
  • They are protecting their puppies. Keeping a Newfoundland puppy away from its mother for too long can cause the mother to bite you. The mother will also bite you if it thinks you’re playing too roughly with its puppies.
  • Someone is annoying them. Bothering a Newfoundland dog while they are resting or working can annoy the dog to the point where it will bite you.