Do Newfoundland dogs shed a lot?

Yes, Newfoundland dogs shed a lot. They are one of the worst shedders of all the dog breeds.

Newfoundland dogs have a double coat, which means they have a top coat of long hairs and a dense undercoat of hairs. Any dog with a double coat will shed a lot every day.

Not only do Newfoundland dogs shed on a daily basis, they also usually shed heavily twice a year. They shed the most heavily during the spring to lose their thick winter coat in preparation for summer. In the fall, Newfoundland dogs will start to shed their summer coat for a thicker winter coat.

You should brush your Newfoundland on a weekly basis and maybe even on a daily basis when they are shedding their winter and summer coats. Brushing your dog frequently will cut down on all the stray hairs around your house.