Do Rottweilers like to cuddle?

Yes, Rottweilers like to cuddle. They enjoy nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with family.

Rottweilers also show their affection in a variety of other ways. Despite weighing up to 130lbs, they may want to lean against you, place their head in your lap, or even sit on you.

When they want your attention, they’ll bump your hand with their nose which signals that they want a cuddle or a head massage. And this is a breed that seems to smile! The soft, goofy expression of a happy Rottweiler gazing at its favorite person is irresistible!

While you’re cuddling, your Rottweiler may make a low rumbling sound. Not to be mistaken for growling, it’s closer to a cat’s purr. When you hear it, it’s the greatest compliment your Rottweiler can pay you as it’s an expression of perfect contentment and unconditional love.