How long do chow chows live?

Chow chows live for 9-15 years. This is a chow chow’s typical lifespan, but several factors can affect their longevity.

To help your chow chow enjoy a long and happy life, keep these factors in mind.

  • They don’t do well in the heat
    Chow chows are believed to have originated in the freezing wastes of the Siberian Arctic. With their fluffy double coats, they thrive in cold climates but can struggle in warmer weather – which could bring risks of heat stress and even strokes.
  • Watch their weight
    Being overweight puts tremendous strain on a chow chow’s joints, and can lead to several unwanted health problems. So although it’s tempting to bribe your stubborn pet with treats so he’ll do what you want him to – try to limit the amount.
  • Maintain an exercise regime
    Regular walks will keep your chow chow healthy. A chow chow’s exercise sessions don’t involve running around or leaping, and he probably won’t show massive enthusiasm for them. However, they should still form part of his (and your) daily fitness routine.