How Much Does a Border Collie Cost?

The average purchase price of a border collie puppy is around $700 USD, although prices range from $300 -$1,000. Costs vary according to:

  • the breeder’s reputation
  • the puppy’s pedigree
  • its coat color and markings
  • the health screenings and vaccinations they’ve already received
  • whether they’ve been partially trained and socialized.
  • age – older pups tend to be lower in price than younger ones.

Owning a border collie involves considerable expense beyond the original purchase. First-year costs are typically the highest, but you’ll need a budget for every year of your dog’s life – and border collies typically live 12-14 years.

The average lifetime cost of owning a border collie has been calculated at $20,635.

Here are just some of the expenses you can expect:

  Average Cost

1st Year

Average Cost Subsequent Years Comments
Supplies and equipment $410 $185 Beds, crate, bowls, leashes, grooming equipment, car safety barriers, etc.
Medical expenses $595 $580 Routine only – including vaccinations, etc.
Spay/Neuter $250 -$350   
Training $175 5 x 1-hour classes 
Health insurance $565 $565 Accident-only option: $190 
Food $160 $210 Good-quality dry food. Puppy: 140 pounds. Adult:230 pounds. 
Treats $240 $240 Assuming daily treats 
Grooming $160 $160 Professional grooming including ear cleaning, toe-nail clipping, etc. 

Other possible costs include dog walking ($20-$50 per 1-hour group walk), boarding kennels ($45-$85 per day), microchipping ($40), and more.

The estimated cost of owning a border collie in the first year will be, on average, around $2,500, and then $1,400 for subsequent years. This doesn’t include optional costs such as boarding kennels and pet-sitting. In addition, if you don’t take out pet insurance, non-routine veterinary expenses can also run into thousands of dollars.