How Much Does a Corgi Cost?

A Corgi costs anywhere from $750 to $1800, with the average being $1050. Costs vary according to the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s pedigree, and the genetic screenings and vaccinations that have already been done. The price of an older puppy will typically be lower than for one that’s eight weeks old.

 If you’re thinking about buying a corgi puppy, it’s essential to be aware of the ongoing costs of ownership. To help you budget, here are some average costs to take into account.

  Average Cost

1st Year

Average Cost Following Years Comments
Supplies and equipment $345 $140 Beds, crate, bowls, leashes, grooming equipment, car safety barriers, etc.


Medical expenses $595 $130 Routine expenses only– including vaccinations, etc.


Spay/Neuter $175 Optional but recommended


Training $1225 9 private lessons for crate training, potty training, barking and positive leadership plus five 1-hour group sessions for basic obedience and socialization with other people and dogs
Health insurance $565 $565 Accident-only option would be cheaper at $190 per annum


Food $125 $135 Around 100-140 pounds of good-quality dry food.


Treats $150 $150 Assuming daily treats


Grooming $165 $165 Professional grooming 6 times per year (optional) – nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing etc.


Other possible costs include dog walking ($20 per session), boarding ($25-$85 per night), microchipping ($40), licensing ($15 per annum), and more.

To summarize, expect the running costs of a corgi in the first year to be around $3710, and in other years $1,135.  These figures exclude optional costs such as boarding kennels, dog-walking service, pet-sitting, and non-routine veterinary expenses.

As a typical life expectancy of a corgi is 12-13 years, the lifelong cost of ownership could easily be in the range of $17,330.