How much does a Pomeranian cost?

A Pomeranian costs anywhere from $600 to $6000, with the average being $1200. The cost will vary according to the reputation of the breeder, the pedigree of the puppy, the popularity of the breed, and its screenings/vaccinations. Older puppies will typically cost less than one that’s eight weeks old.

However, when considering whether to buy a Pomeranian puppy, it’s essential to take into account the ongoing costs of ownership. To help you decide, here are some average costs you’ll need to budget for:

  Average Cost

1st Year

Average Cost Subsequent Years Comments
Supplies and equipment $345 $140 Beds, crate, bowls, leashes, grooming equipment, car safety barriers, etc.


Medical expenses $590 $465 Routine expenses only– including vaccinations, etc.


Spay/Neuter $200 Optional but recommended


Training $100 5 x 1-hour obedience classes


Health insurance $565 $565 Accident-only option is cheaper @ $190 


Food $70 $55 Good-quality dry food.


Treats $150 $150 Assuming daily treats


Grooming $335 $335 3-8 times per year

Other likely costs include dog walking ($20 per walk); boarding ($25-$85 per day); microchipping ($40), licensing ($15 per year), and more.

To summarize, expect the total cost of a Pomeranian in the first to be around $2845, and in other years $1,160.

Because the typical life expectancy of a Pomeranian is around 14 years, the lifelong cost of ownership could easily be in the range of $17,925.

These figures exclude optional costs such as boarding kennels, dog-walking service, pet-sitting, and non-routine veterinary expenses.