How Much Does an American Pit Bull Terrier Cost?

An American pit bull terrier from a reputable breeder costs between $1500- $2500, but can be as much as $20,000.

The cost varies according to the reputation of the breeder, the bloodline of the puppy, and its screenings and vaccinations. Older puppies will typically cost less than ones that are eight weeks old.

However, when considering whether to buy an American pit bull terrier puppy, it’s essential to take into account the ongoing costs of ownership. To help you decide, here are some average costs you’ll need to budget for:

  Average Cost

1st Year

Average Cost Subsequent Years Comments
Supplies and equipment $410 $185 Beds, crate, bowls, leashes, grooming equipment, car safety barriers, etc.
Medical expenses $595


$605 Routine only – including vaccinations, etc. 
Spay/Neuter $250 -$350


Training $175


Health insurance $565  



Accident-only option: $190


Food $195 $245  
Treats $240 $240 Assuming 1 treat daily.
Grooming $120 $120 Shampoo, skincare supplements

To summarize, expect the running costs of an American pit bull terrier in the first year to be on average around $2600, and in other years $2,160.

Because a typical life expectancy of an American pit bull terrier is around 13 years, the lifelong cost of ownership could easily be in the range of $32,680.

That total excludes optional costs such as boarding kennels ($25-$85 per day), dog-walking service ($20 per walk), pet-sitting, microchipping ($40) and non-routine veterinary expenses.

You may also need to check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to ensure that American pit bull terriers are not an excluded breed. In some areas you may be expected to carry a minimum of $100,000 owner’s liability insurance.