Is a Border Collie a Good House Dog?

Yes, a border collie is a good house dog. As an intelligent breed, they quickly learn the house rules and do their best to please you.

However, as a hard-working breed, they also need a lot of outdoor activity to burn off their energy and for mental stimulation. A short leisurely walk a couple of times a day isn’t sufficient. So if you’re looking for an undemanding dog that will relax peacefully at home for hours on end while you work or watch TV, a border collie is not the best breed for you.

Because they’re so active, border collies are most likely to thrive in homes with a yard where they’ll have plenty of outdoor space to run and play when you’re not taking them on walks. They’re not really suited to apartment living, because without enough opportunities to work off their energy, they can easily become bored and frustrated which leads to unwanted, destructive behavior.