Is a Corgi a Good Family Dog?

Yes, a corgi is a good family dog. Corgis are loyal, intelligent and they love to please their human family. Bold, frisky, and full of fun, they’re always ready to join in new activities. They can adapt to most environments, so they are suited to urban apartment living as well as rural homes.

Although they’re typically gentle and non-aggressive, corgis were originally bred as herding dogs. Some still retain this instinct, so may attempt to herd young children, even nipping at their heels. For this reason, corgis fit better into families with older children who won’t be scared by this behavior.

Corgis are very playful and typically get along well with other pets. They may be territorial with other dogs. Socializing your corgi puppy from an early age will ensure it’s happy and confident when it meets new canine friends.