What are chow chows like as pets?

As pets, chow chows are loyal, independent, and calm. They are devoted to their owner, but not very sociable with other people or animals.

They’re not very cuddly or playful, so they’re not the best breed for families with children.

They need consistent training and socialization from puppyhood so they’ll behave properly around strangers and unfamiliar animals. They have a reputation for stubbornness and can be hard to train, even for experienced dog owners.

Although they have a long history as a working breed, chow chows don’t require a great deal of exercise. They adapt well to apartment living and will be fairly undemanding of your attention between walks.

If you have a calm household, and you’re looking for a serene dog that won’t be constantly seeking attention or require much exercise, a chow chow is a choice to consider.