What is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd?

A blue merle Australian shepherd is an Australian shepherd which has a beautiful gray-blue tinged coat. There are several varieties of blue merle coats:

  • Solid blue merle. These are quite unusual. Their coat has a gray base, with black spots or blotches.
  • Blue merle tri-colored: These dogs have a base coat of gray or white, with darker patches. They have stunning white, copper, or golden highlights around their face, legs, thighs, and chest. This gives these dogs their truly unique and very beautiful appearance.
  • Blue merle and white: the blue merle base coat is marked only with pure white. They’re sometimes mistaken for Siberian huskies.
  • Blue merle and tan: a classic blue merle base coat with only golden or copper markings.

Their coats are not the only beautiful feature of blue merle Australian shepherds. Most have ‘solid’ eye colors of brown or blue. But others have specks of other colors in their eyes, creating a spectacular ‘marble-eyed effect.’

And as if that’s not enough to make them unforgettable, some blue merle Australian shepherds have one blue eye and one brown eye.