Why Are American Pit Bull Terriers so Whiny?

American pit bull terriers are so whiny because they want to communicate with their human companions. They have a whole range of expressive whines to tell you different things:

  • They need some water, or to go outside and pee
  • They’re excited because it’s time for a walk, or a human friend is approaching
  • They’re potentially anxious because they’re separated from you, or scared by a loud noise
  • They want to play and need you to join in the game
  • They’re frustrated because their dinner is taking too long to prepare or the car ride is too boring
  • Life isn’t fair. Just like spoiled teenagers, they’ll tell you exactly how they feel when they don’t get their way. Withhold a treat, or make them get off the sofa, and they’ll treat you to some grumbling and whining.

The good news is that, compared to other breeds, they don’t bark a lot. Whining is part of an American pit bull terrier’s goofy charm and enjoying your conversations with this expressive breed will only strengthen the bond between you.