11 Beautiful German Shepherd Mix Dogs We Can’t Help But Love

The German Shepherd Dog originated in Germany as a herding dog, and are loved for their intelligence, speed, agility, stealth and stoicism.

Now ranked the second most popular dog in the US, according to the American Kennel Club, their popularity grew thanks to Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart and frequent use by the police and military – they are impeccable working dogs.

With an average sized German Shepherd Dog being 22-26″ in height, and between 50-90 pounds, you can be pretty sure that these mixes are not for those wanting a designer lapdog.

We have found 11 of the best German Shepherd Mixes which are sure to steal your heart. Read on to learn about these incredible mixes.

1. Gerberian Shepsky – Husky German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Husky Mix in a Park

Known as the Gerberian Shepsky (yes, we still struggle to say it too), the German Shepherd Husky Mix is a high energy, highly intelligent, wolf-like companion.

Gaining immense popularity, most owners hope for the best of both breeds in this mix.

Generally, they are a playful and energetic dog suited to an active lifestyle. They love being busy so don’t make the mistake of leaving them alone for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, in many cases, this mix has inherited the Husky’s predisposition to boredom and frustration. Just like their Husky parent, they will chew, howl and dig if left alone for longer periods.

These guys shed, a lot, whoever is on vacuum duty will hate you! Their double coat has two major blow outs per year and don’t expect to wear black clothing ever again without some dog hair attached.

The Shepsky has a personality like no other: they are super trainable, have a cheeky temperament that just makes you smile – if you’re an experienced owner, this guy is a firm contender.

2. Shepherd Pit – German Shepherd and Pitbull Mix

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Puppy

With the controversial past of the German Shepherd and statewide restrictions on Pitbulls, we can understand reservations about this mix – however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The smaller size of the Pitbull means you will end up with a much smaller dog, averaging between 30 and 90 pounds, which can be better for those with smaller homes.

Being a mix, they can look more Pitbull like or more Shepherd like – you can never be entirely sure on what you’ll end up with.

When raised and socialized correctly, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a loyal, protective and confident dog.

They thrive with experienced owners, an active lifestyle and adapt well to family living, providing any kids understand their needs and that dogs need space too.

3. The King Shepherd

The King Shepherd is very similar in appearance to the well-known German Shepherd dog. However, they are much larger.

If you are looking for the solid temperament of the German Shepherd Dog, but, have the room for a giant body, the King Shepherd could be for you.

Well known for their predictable temperament and lovingness towards children and families, this guy is a great family companion.

The King Shepherd, should probably be renamed the Giant Shepherd, for he is just that! He is the result of mating a Shiloh Shepherd with a German Shepherd.

Standing up to 29″ in height (if he is a male) and weighing up to 150 pound, there is a fair amount of size to this fearless companion.

Not surprisingly, with his huge size comes a huge appetite as he will consume up-to 2,500 calories per day (that’s 6 cups of kibble a day).

These guys suit an active lifestyle, so you will be spending plenty of time out on walks.


Be mindful not to over-exercise this mix as a puppy, follow the 5-minute rule (5 minutes exercise per month of age). Being a large breed, they are predisposed to hip dysplasia.

4. Golden Shepherd – German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Shepherd

What happens when we mix two of the most popular dogs? We get a Golden Shepherd… even the name couldn’t be better!

A Golden Shepherd is the result of mating a German Shepherd with a Golden Retriever.

This mix is a relatively new designer cross breed, they only really appeared in the late 2000s. Not registered with any Kennel Clubs, but, they are registered with the International Designer Canine Registry.

The German Shepherd is loved for its intelligence and trainability, the Golden Retriever for its sociability and ease of care. Combine these and you have a brilliant family dog.

They adapt to most families, their trainability means everyone can, and should, be involved. Show them everything the world has on offer, people, animals, sights and sounds.

The more they experience from a young age, the less wary they will be as they grow. They pick up tricks incredibly quickly, so get the kids working on those commands. Praise and rewards are really all you need.

In summary, a super-friendly, athletic and trainable – a stable all-rounder.

5. Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd Puppy in the Forest

Although not technically a mix, the Black German Shepherd is a result of mating generations of only Black German Shepherds, or where bi-colored dogs happened to have produced a black variant.

The Black German Shepherd is similar in temperament to a typical Shepherd; they are intelligent and super-trainable and are also commonly used in police and military capacities.

However, the black color does come with its own price tag, you can expect to pay around $700 – $2,000 USD per puppy!

This is largely influenced by the breeder you source; those breeders who carry out more health tests tend to charge more simply because of that.

A fearless and loyal comrade, just a different color!

6. Akita Shepherd – German Shepherd and Akita Mix

Akita Shepherd

This German Shepherd Mix isn’t for the first-time dog owner.

Standing between 24-28″ height, and weighing anywhere between 75 and 120 pounds, he’ll certainly take up most of the sofa.

Another mix with a bad reputation, the Akita is frequently touted as an aggressive dog.

In the right hands, with early and continued socialization and training, the Akita is gentle, loyal and protective.

Mix this with the smart and strong German Shepherd and you end up with a devoted companion, who would absolutely protect their family.

Their working ancestry means they need to be kept busy, 60 – 120 minutes of exercise per day will keep this mix occupied; you should probably explore running with your dog.

The guardian in them means they struggle with being left alone – so avoid this at all costs. The damage they can cause is equal to their size – source a local daycare or dog walker to help.

If you understand large breeds and their needs, the Akita Shepherd could be the most loyal of them all.

7. The Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh Shepherd Dog

The Shiloh is not only a German Shepherd Mix, but, there are a few other pooches thrown in for good measure.

Originating in the 1970’s, Tina Barber, a dog trainer, was getting disheartened with the health issues of the standard Shepherd – not only were they too expensive for most families, they had also started developing more severe health problems like hip dysplasia and their sloping back.

Barber wanted a gentle, but, courageous companion with less health issues. She started with the German Shepherd, crossing with the Malamute, then the Canadian White Shepherd before finally bringing the Czech Wolf dog in the mix.

The Shiloh is a result of all those incredible breeds.

Ranging from soft to hard temperaments this breed is required to be matched to potential owners – who are assessed by breeders to establish which temperament best suits their lifestyle.

A gentle giant, soft and patient – could you want a more perfect family dog?

8. Shepweiler – German Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Feature

Slightly smaller than the Mastiff Mix, but, still a big dog.

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix will range from 75-115 pounds in weight and stand upto 27″ in height.

You can spot quite early on who his parents are (i.e. a Rottweiler), seen mostly in black and tan coloring, they commonly have a medium, dense coat.

He sheds a lot, so this is not an ideal choice for anyone with allergies.

Being a mix of two strong and fearless guardians, the Shepweiler is an even-tempered hybrid. Whilst they may be wary and aloof with strangers, they are loyal and loving to their family.

Their intelligence and trainability make them perfect family companions; providing their family have experience of large, powerful breeds.

A bold and stoic comrade – him lying upside down on your feet at dinnertime is just his 10 minutes break… honest!

9. German Shepherd and Mastiff Mix

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix

Well this guy was always going to be a big dog… we mean it when we say he’s a giant!

Crossing a 50-90-pound GSD with a 120 pound Mastiff is never going to produce anything apartment size.

A large home with a secured yard is essential for this powerful pooch!

This fearless companion is best suited to those owners with experience of large breeds, for training and health purposes.

Being a giant breed, they have rapid growth at an early age; correct management is crucial to avoid injury and poor development.

Ensure you are feeding a good quality food, that meets his daily nutritional requirements. Guidelines suggest no more than 26% protein content during growth to ensure slow and steady development.

If you have the knowledge and understanding for this gentle giant, with early socialization and training, he will be relatively laid back but wholeheartedly devoted. He really doesn’t know his size and will love nothing more than sitting on your lap on the sofa.

10. Labshep – Labrador and German Shepherd Mix

Labrador and German Shepherd Mix

Similar in temperament to the Golden Shepherd, the main differences are the coat colors and coat length.

Mixing the most popular dog in the US, the Labrador Retriever with the second most popular dog in the US, the German Shepherd (i.e. American Alsatian), you can be pretty sure we end up with an impressive dog.

The friendliness and sociability of the Labrador mixed with the intelligence and confidence of the Shepherd produces a faultless family companion – it is easy to see how interest in this hybrid is gaining popularity.

Whilst this cross has the makings of an impeccable dog, it must be remembered, that dogs are only as impressive as their genes, environment, and upbringing. Source a reputable breeder; ask the breeder what socialization plan they have in place.

Introduce your puppy to the sights and sounds of the world, in a safe and controlled way. Let them meet people, kids and adults alike and watch their body language for signs that they are coping with the new experiences.

If they are to live with other pets in the home, introduce slowly and from a distance, reward and praise when they respond calmly or even ignore their new roommates!

In summary, a superb family dog – if you know how to raise them.

11. German Shepherd and Chow Chow Mix

German Shepherd and Chow Chow Mix

Known for their lion-looks, the German Shepherd Chow Chow hybrid isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Whilst the German Shepherd is intelligent and loyal; meaning they are super-trainable, the Chow Chow, also being intelligent, can also be incredibly stubborn.

Chow Chow’s are loyal to the ones they love, but, are renowned for being aloof with strangers. For that reason, and with the protective nature of Shepherds, some of these mixes can be intimidating to strangers.

Adorable to look at, they tend to come in black and tan mix or brown colorings. If the German Shepherd parent is long coated, the resulting mix often ends up with a mane.

The trainability of the Chow Chow isn’t always the stronger characteristic, so patience is key with this hybrid. They respond best to praise and reward-based training.

If you have a good handle on raising a stubborn pooch who knows what they like, and what they don’t, the German Shepherd Chow mix is certainly a character who will keep you entertained.

German Shepherd Mix Summary

Starting with an intelligent and confident ally in the German Shepherd Dog, it’s no surprise that we can end up with some of these beautiful hybrids!

If you are looking for a little cheekiness in the mix, the Husky x German Shepherd Mix could be for you, if you are looking for strong, stable and even-tempered companions, you may consider the Shiloh Shepherd, King Shepherd or the Golden Shepherd.

A little more stubborn is the GSD Chow Mix and then the giant of them all is the GSD Mastiff – these final two are best suited to owners with experience of large breeds and who understand their needs.

Is a German Shepherd Mix the right dog for you?

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