Hawaiian Dog Names: 30+ Exotic & Cool Island Names & Meanings

Hawaiian Dog Names
Aloha readers.

Are you looking for an exotic name for your pawfect pooch?

Then perhaps you should be looking for Hawaiian dog names.

Choosing a moniker based on Hawaiian culture is a brilliant way to make your pooch stand out from the rest of their four-legged friends.

Whether you’re looking for Hawaiian dog names because you have Iuau ancestry, or if you’re just completely in love with visiting the Big Island, there’s a choice out there that will suit your canine!

Hawaii is the only U.S state made up entirely of islands.

Its famous for beautiful scenery and tropical beaches – but the Hawaiian language also offers some amazing names for dogs.

Take a look at our favorites below:

Hawaiian Dog Names for Boys

Hawaiian Dog Names for Boys

  • Akamu – This choice would make any male canine sound like the coolest dog around. Akamu is the Hawaiian equivalent of Adam. However, the meaning behind the name is pretty cool! Akamu means ‘formed by God’ or ‘Earth’.
  • Aouli – This is a title fitting for anyone who loves their canine as much as the sunny islands of this beautiful state. Aouli means ‘blue sky,’ so actually describes the setting of most beaches. This choice is a great way to connect your dog to Hawaii but also, the scenery that this place is so famous for.
  • Bane – Have you been wanting a furry friend for as long as you can remember? Then this choice is perfect for the newest member of your pack! Bane means ‘long awaited child’. The meaning behind the moniker may be cute, but we think Bane also sounds completely bad ass!
  • Ekewaka – We think this sounds absolutely apawable! Ekewaka, or Eke for short, is the Hawaiian equivalent of Edward. The means ‘riches and wealth’ so it’s a great idea if your furry friend makes your life richer by being in it.
  • Etana – This is a brilliant title for a humongous hound dog! The meaning of Etana is ‘strong’ – so it would certainly suit a pooch with a big build. This definitely sounds like a tropical word for any dog and we think it sounds really cool! We think this would be great for a Great Dane, don’t you?
  • Ilio – This word will literally have your canine companion’s tail wagging! Ilio is Hawaiian for dog – so this would obviously suit any hound. Sometimes we think a word with a simple meaning is best!
  • Iniki – If your dog is always exploding with energy, then this is the choice for them! Iniki is the name of the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the state of Hawaii, in 1992. Hurricanes are a symbol of a powerful source of nature, so is a great idea for a canine who loves to hurtle around the yard.
  • Koa – This would make an awesome title for any guy who is always on guard! Koa is a male title meaning ‘warrior’ and ‘strong and fearless’. Particularly great for a guard dog or any dog who likes to think that they have to protect your home from the post-man!
  • Kealii – Here is another name that can be used for either a male or female furry-friend. Kealii means chief so makes a brilliant choice for any alpha! Do you want your dog to be top dog? We think this word will really give your pooch the canine credit they deserve.
  • Lupo – This is a word that connects your dog both to this wonderful state and to their wild and wonderful wolf ancestors. Lupo means ‘wolf’, so makes a fitting title for a wolf-like dog.
  • Meka – Meka means ‘eyes’, so would make an amazing choice for any hound with bright-eyes and a bushy tail! Meka is technically a unisex title, however, we think that it especially suit a male mutt.
  • Mano – Another unisex Hawaiian dog name which means ‘shark’. It makes a funny name for a dog with big teeth, don’t you think? We also think it sounds like a really cool and tough choice.
  • Nui – Nui literally means ‘big’ or ‘large’, so this would make a fitting name for a larger breed of dog. However, if you fancy a funny choice for your furry friend, this is a hilarious choice for a small pooch too.
  • Oke – We think this would make a stunning moniker for a dog! Oke is Hawaiian for ‘deer lover’ and is their version of Oscar. Because of this word’s awesome meaning, we are certain that this would be fitting for a hunting hound.
  • Ohana – This is one of our favorite Hawaiian dog names on the list. Ohana means ‘familiy’, however, it doesn’t just apply to blood relation. Ohana is a concept, incorporating the idea that family is a collective group and is often chosen. This is the perfect choice, fit for welcoming your new furry friend into your family.
  • Poi – This is a Hawaiian name inspired by traditional cuisine. Poi is food made from taro root; a native ingredient found in most places in the state. Poi was also the name of a now extinct Hawaiian dog breed.
  • Weuweu – This is a fab-fur-lous choice for any dog who looks more like a cloud than a four-legged furry friend. In Hawaiian, this Weuweu means ‘fluffy’ so it’s definitely a fitting title if your dog is the fluffiest of them all. We can just imagine someone giving their furry Pomeranian this awesome moniker.

Hawaiian Dog Names for Girls

Hawaiian Dog Names for Girls

  • Akela – This is a title which would be perfectly fitting for a female dog. Akela means ‘graceful and noble’ so it would make the perfect naming choice for a pedigree puppy who loves to be pampered!
  • Coco – inspired by the Coconut fruit that grows on tropical islands. We love the choice Coco for a fun-loving female pooch. We also think it’d make a great choice for a dog with beautiful brown fur – just like the outside of a coconut!
  • Eleu – Is your fur-ball full of energy? The we think this is a brilliant choice for any fun-loving female pup! Eleu means ‘lively’ and ‘energetic.’ We think that this would be an amazing word to call in the dog park. It sounds fun and means fun, so only the bounciest of puppies can rock this!
  • Haukea – This is a great choice for a male or a female pup! Haukea means ‘white snow’ so this would be perfect for a dog with a coat as white as snow. We think this would make a particularly fitting name for a White Husky, what do you think?
  • Hoku – Hoku literally means ‘star’ so this would be a brilliant choice if your female fur-ball loves to be the centre of attention, or the star of the show.
  • Honi – How could you possibly resist one of the cutest Hawaiian dog names? Honi means kiss, so it is a beautiful choice if you just can’t stop showering your canine in love and plenty of hugs! We think that this choice especially suits a smaller dog name. Perhaps maybe a terrier – what do you think?
  • Hula – How could this not be on our list? Hula is a dance performed by Hawaiian people – it’s one of the most iconic and well-known dances of their culture and is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of this state. This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a more obvious moniker.
  • Ipo – Here is another word that is bound to melt your heart! Ipo is unisex meaning ‘sweetheart’ or ‘lover’. Not only is the meaning behind this word irresistibly adorable, we also think that Ipo sounds cute in itself!
  • Kapua – This would make a beautiful title for any female dog. Kapua means flower, so it is a great option if you’re looking for a title with a more feminine meaning. Because this name is Hawaiian, it has an exotic feel to it, whilst still being super pretty!
  • Keiki – Do you love you dog like they’re your very own little furry baby? Then this is definitely one for you to consider. Keiki means ‘the child’, so it would make the perfect choice for any four-legged family member that you simply love like they were your very own baby!
  • Lani – This is without a doubt one of the heavenliest Hawaiian dog names on our list! Lani is a girl’s moniker and means Heaven! We think this would make an awesome choice for a female pup who is (or at least looks!) as innocent as an angel. What do you think?
  • Lilo – Lilo is the main character of Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, an animation set in Hawaii. However, Lilo also means ‘generous one’ and so is perfect for a pup who has loads of love to give!
  • Moana – This is another famous Disney character! Moana is the daughter of a Hawaiian chief and is essentially one of Disney’s modern-day princesses. The word also has a beautiful meaning: “ocean”. It would make a fantastic name for your female four-legged friend if you live by the coast.
  • Nani – Nani is a popular Hawaiian girls name. The word Nani means ‘beautiful’ and ‘delicate.’ We think this would work best for a pampered pooch who loves to be treated like a princess. It’s an incredibly beautiful choice, with an equally beautiful meaning.
  • Olina – Is your canine companion a bundle of joy? Then perhaps this is the name for them! Olina means ‘joyous’ or ‘her who brings joy.’ This is definitely a great idea for any female pup because it sounds so cute.
  • Palia – This is a really elegant choice which would make a fitting title for any sleek and agile female dog. Palila means ‘a bird’, so it connotes beauty and gracefulness. It would work really well for a dainty little dog.
  • Roselani – This is another floral inspired title for a fantastic female pup! Roselani means ‘Heavenly Rose’ in Hawaiian. This choice is, of course, very feminine and it is definitely a more unusual word!
  • Stitch – We couldn’t not put this on our list, seeing as we already have Lilo on here! Whilst technically not Hawaiian, Stich is the name of Lilo’s alien companion in the Disney film set in Hawaii, what an awesome duo!


We think that any of these choices would make a great Hawaiian themed title for your hound.

Choosing a name can be ruff, however, we hope that our list of Hawaiian dog names has given you plenty of inspiration.

Using a Hawaiian inspired moniker is a great way to pick a tropical and unique name for your puppy.

Any of these words will certainly have everyone’s heads turning when you call your four-legged friend back in the dog park.

Our favorites have to be Ohana and Weuweu, let us know yours in the comments!

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