Korean Dog Names – A Guide

korean dog names

If you’ve recently decided to add a dog to your household, chances are you’ve been more than a little preoccupied. Adopting a dog is a significant decision for many reasons, and there is all manner of preparations with which you and your family have doubtless been busy over the days leading up to the adoption. This is, of course, an admirable undertaking for everyone concerned. No one should ever set out to adopt an animal of any kind without being willing to put in the requisite effort to make them comfortable from start to finish. 

Now that you have your chosen pet – or, perhaps, now that a pet has chosen you – you can turn your attention to some of the more cosmetic aspects of having a dog in the house. Some of these will be literally cosmetic. Perhaps you want to add a few canine-themed decorations or paint that will resist paw marks, but others are simply matters of what rules you want to lay down for the dog moving in. 

One such rule that is all too often left for last is the simple matter of the dog’s name. Little enough around the dog will be done without addressing it that this should be of at least some priority when welcoming the dog into your home. Assuming that your dog does not already have a name, it is important not only to decide what it should be but also to teach the dog as quickly as possible. Having a name can make training immeasurably easier and leads to greatly increased control over and connection to the dog’s faculties. 

Many English-speaking cultures draw from a relatively limited pool of names for their dogs, as cultural and linguistic trends have rendered only a small number of words to be readily of interest as dog names. New dog owners find themselves hard-pressed to find a name that both matches the dog’s personality yet retains enough originality to make their pet feel special. 

If you too have joined the ranks of those searching for a new and interesting name for your dog, you may want to consider a name in another language. Along with being relatively unknown in most English-speaking communities, these names conform to different constructions than most English words and so can pack considerably more meaning into a short word than one could ever hope for in English. 

For an added challenge or twist in your pet’s name, select not only a different language but a different alphabet as well. There exist numerous languages that use the same characters as English without having the same words, such as French, Spanish, or Italian. Giving your pet a name that uses neither the English language nor Latin characters can be a dash of another culture into your life and constitutes a fine way to distinguish your pet from the masses at a dog park or show. 

Oriental languages are a perfect choice for this purpose, including numerous different alphabets and multiple significant meanings in a short piece of script. Here, for example, are some names in Korean you may find suitable for your dog. 

Male Dog Names

  1. Jong-Seok – great, eminent
  2. Kyu – standard
  3. Min-ho – brave and heroic
  4. Seo-Jin – omen
  5. Seulgi – wisdom
  6. Seung – winning
  7. Suk – rock, stone
  8. Su-won – defend, protect
  9. Tae-Hui – big, great
  10. Dak-Ho – deep lake
  11. Geon – strength
  12. Ho-Seok – strong, heaven
  13. Hwan – shining and bright
  14. Jae-Hee – shining
  15. U-Yeong – glory, honor
  16. Yeo – mildness
  17. Yu-Jin – precious, valuable
  18. Ah-In
  19. Ah-Jin 
  20. Ahjong
  21. A-Hyeon
  22. A-In 
  23. A-Jin 
  24. A-Jun 
  25. A-Min 
  26. Areum
  27. Areum-Sol
  28. Ari 
  29. Arisol 
  30. Bada 
  31. Bea 
  32. Baek-Han
  33. Baek-Ho 
  34. Baek-Hyeon
  35. Balgeun 
  36. Baram 
  37. Baul
  38. Beodeul 
  39. Beom-Gyu 
  40. Beom-Seok 
  41. Beom-Su
  42. Beopdung
  43. Binna
  44. Binnuri 
  45. Bit 
  46. Bitbyeol 
  47. Bitchan 
  48. Bit-Gaon 
  49. Bit-Garam 
  50. Bit-Haneul
  51. Bit-Na 
  52. Bit-Sarang 
  53. Bit-Yeoul 
  54. Bo-Bae 
  55. Bodeum
  56. Bo-Gyeong
  57. Bo-Hee 
  58. Bo-Hui 
  59. Bo-Kyung
  60. Bom
  61. Bom-Byeol 
  62. Bom-Deul 
  63. Bom-Nuri 
  64. Bom-Sol 
  65. Bong-Ju 
  66. Bong-Ki 
  67. Bongseok 
  68. Boram 
  69. Boram-Ih 
  70. Borami 
  71. Bo-Seon 
  72. Bo-Yeon 
  73. Bum
  74. Byeol 
  75. Byeolbit 
  76. Byeol-Ha
  77. Byeol-I
  78. Byeol-Nim
  79. Byeol-sol 
  80. Byeong-Cheol 
  81. Byeong-Su 
  82. Byul 
  83. Byung-Chan
  84. Byung-Hee
  85. Byung-Soo U
  86. Cha
  87. Chaening 
  88. Chanbit 
  89. Changbok
  90. Chang-Gyun 
  91. Changeon 
  92. Changhyun 
  93. Chang-Min 
  94. Changseok 
  95. Chang-Seop 
  96. Changyun 
  97. Shu-I
  98. Chanho
  99. Chan-Hyeok
  100. Chanmin 
  101. Chan-Seong 
  102. Chansol 
  103. Chan-U 
  104. Chanwoo 
  105. Chan-yeol 
  106. Chaoreum 
  107. Chawoong 
  108. Cheol 
  109. Cheolmin 
  110. Cheol-Su
  111. Cheong 
  112. Chil-Hyeon
  113. Chin-Li 
  114. Chin-Mi 
  115. Chi-Won
  116. Choi-Gi 
  117. Choi-Ki
  118. Choon-Hee 
  119. Cho-Rong
  120. Chul
  121. Cheol
  122. Chul-Soon 
  123. Chuncha
  124. Chung 
  125. Jeong
  126. Chung-Jae 
  127. Chun-Li 
  128. Chun-Lu 
  129. Chun-Mei 
  130. Chun-Mi 
  131. Chunyeon 
  132. Chuo-Li 
  133. Chu-Yeon
  134. Da-Bin
  135. Daehee 
  136. Daehong 
  137. Dae-Hwan 
  138. Dae-Hyeon 
  139. Dae-Hyun 
  140. Daejong 
  141. Daeseok 
  142. Dae-Sung
  143. Da-Hyeon 
  144. Dak-Hyeon 
  145. Dal 
  146. Dalbit 
  147. Da-Min
  148. Da-San 
  149. Dasom 
  150. Datbyeol 
  151. Dawoon 
  152. Deokha 
  153. Deokman 
  154. Deok-Su 
  155. Do-Ha 
  156. Do-Hyeon 
  157. Dohyun 
  158. Donam 
  159. Dong-Ha 
  160. Dong-Hae 
  161. Dong-Hui 
  162. Dong-Hyeok 
  163. Dong-Hyeon 
  164. Donghyeop 
  165. Donghyun 
  166. Dongjin 
  167. Dong-Rim 
  168. Dongsu 
  169. Dong-U 
  170. Dong-Uk 
  171. Dong-Un 
  172. Dong-Wan 
  173. Dong-Woo 
  174. Dongyeong 
  175. Dong-Yun 
  176. Do-Un 
  177. Do-Yeon
  178. Do-Yeong 
  179. Do-Young 
  180. Du-Byeol 
  181. Du-Hwan 
  182. Du-Jun
  183. Eo-Jin 
  184. Euijo 
  185. Euiseongbuwon 
  186. Eunchang 
  187. Eunghyeon 
  188. Eun-Gwang 
  189. Eun-Ho 
  190. Eun-Jae 
  191. Eun-Ju 
  192. Eun-Sang
  193. Eun-Seong 
  194. Eun-Yul 
  195. Eutteum 
  196. Fong 
  197. Gaeul 
  198. Gaon  
  199. Gaon-Bit 
  200. Gaon-Nuri 
  201. Garam 
  202. Garam-Seulgi 
  203. Gasil 
  204. Geojilmi 
  205. Geon 
  206. Geon-Ho 
  207. Geonkye  
  208. Geon-Sik
  209. Geon-U
  210. Geonwoo 
  211. Geulegolio 
  212. Geumnim 
  213. Geun 
  214. Geunhyung 
  215. Geun-Seok 
  216. Geuru 
  217. Gi-Beom
  218. Gi-Gwang 
  219. Gi-Hyeon 
  220. Gi-Nam 
  221. Gippeum 
  222. Gon  
  223. Goun 
  224. Guk-Hyeon 
  225. Gun 
  226. Gureum 
  227. Guseul 
  228. Gwang-Hyeon 
  229. Gwang-Jin
  230. Gwangjong 
  231. Gwangjoowon 
  232. Gwang-Min
  233. Gyeom 
  234. c-Eun 
  235. Gyeong-Ho
  236. Gyeong-Joo 
  237. Gyeong-Su 
  238. Gyeonl 
  239. Gyoe-Wool 
  240. Gyu-Dam 
  241. Gyu-Ha 
  242. Gyu-Hui 
  243. Gyu-Hyeon
  244. Gyu-Jong 
  245. Gyu-Ri 
  246. Gyuseok 
  247. Haebit 
  248. Haebong 
  249. Hae-Jin 
  250. Hae-Joo

korean dog names

These are just some of the hundreds of names upon which you can draw to name a male dog. Female dogs will be subject to another list entirely, as Korea’s unique language and the differences between masculine and feminine parts of speech make for a truly mind-boggling array of possible linguistic combinations. Should you hear a sound you particularly like in the wrong gender for your dog, don’t sweat it too much; among other things, your dog is unlikely to realize it is being misgendered, and the people around you will either not understand themselves or take it as an amusing play on words. 

Some people aren’t particularly fond of speaking any Korean at all, particularly those for whom it is not a native language; while refusing a genuine Korean name means an unfortunate decision to pass up a chance to learn some Korean, it doesn’t preclude drawing on the rich cultural background and many important achievements that Korea has to offer. One of the most widely known cultural phenomena that Korea has given the world is the high-energy music genre known as K-Pop; why not name your dog after some of the world’s favorite K-Pop bands?

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Here are some of the most popular K-Pop bands of all time.

Although one should never steal another’s intellectual property, naming your dog after one is a harmless way to show your enthusiasm for the band and appreciation for the catchy sound of each title. 

  1. EXO
  2. Blackpink
  3. Seventeen
  4. GOT7
  5. Girl’s Generation
  6. Twice
  7. Big Bang
  8. Red Velvet
  9. NCT
  10. Monsta X
  11. Mamamoo
  12. Stray Kids
  13. SHINee
  14. ITZY
  15. Super Junior
  16. GI-dle
  17. 2NE1
  18. GFriend
  19. IZ*One
  20. Momoland
  21. Tomorrow X Together
  22. SM Town
  23. Oh My Girl
  24. Exid
  25. Ateez

Maybe music, or at least K-Pop, isn’t your style; perhaps you have a different taste in tunes, or you just want to enjoy a more somber theme when talking about your pet. Instead of a trendy singing group, then, you might want to use some of the Korean landscape as your inspiration; Korea has no shortage of breathtaking sites and vistas to spur your imagination, and naming your pet for once can be a fine way to remember your trip to a place of such grand import. 

In case you happen to be having some trouble deciding which of the many sites you want to choose from, or just haven’t had time to visit them all yet, we’ve put together a list of some of the most impressive parts of Korea to help you along. 

Here are some of the best sightseeing destinations in Korea. 

1- Gyeongbokgung Palace

2- DMZ

3- N-Seoul Tower

4- Incheon Tri-Bowl

5- Lotte World

6- The ARC-River Culture Multimedia Theater Pavilion

7- Byeongbangchi Skywalk

8- Incheon Bridge

Natural Landmarks in South Korea

1- Jeongbang Waterfall

2- Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

3- Hwaam Cave

4- Dalmasan Mountain

5- Maisan Provincial Park

6- Seon-bawi rock

7- Mount Seoraksan

Historical Landmarks in South Korea

1- Bukchon Hanok Village

2- Changdeokgung Palace

3- Andong Hahoe Folk Village

4- Cheonmachong

5- Naksansa Temple

Tips and Tricks

korean dog names

If you’re wondering whether it’s really worth this much trouble to name a dog, there are two things to keep in mind before you dismiss the concept. Naming a dog is far from a simple exercise in sentiment – it has real and significant implications for you as the dog’s owner. 

First and foremost, among these is the connection between you and your pet. Dogs are known to seek out an emotional connection to their human companions, and to respond positively to anything that makes them feel as though they are being given affection and attention. By naming your dog, you create for the dog an audible trigger indicating that you are ready to make it the focus of your attention, and so trigger its own bonding mechanisms in return; this leads to a bilateral strengthening of the ties between you and your pet every time you call it over. 

Closely related to this is the measure of control you gain from being able to get the dog’s attention whenever you call its name. Even the most experienced dog owners will sometimes pass by a cat or some other stimuli, and from the moment your dog has left your grasp you cannot rely on it coming back to you. Should you ever fumble the leash, having the backup plan of calling the dog by name is a good way to keep both you and your pet out of trouble. 

This same principle thing applies if your dog should be lost or stolen. Calling out the dog’s name may have a slim chance of actually attracting the dog to your side, but it is considerably better than calling out nothing at all. A stolen dog with no name might begin to bond to the thieves, but a dog that knows the thieves are not calling it properly will realize that it is with the wrong pair of humans and attempt to make its way back to the right ones. 

A final advantage of naming your dog is that in many locales, it is legally required. Along with things like veterinary information or, where applicable, the number from your pet’s subcutaneous microchip, local authorities will also require that the pet have a name on file. This serves to keep the owner and all pet specialists they might see talking about the same dog and is altogether more convenient than trying to recite a microchip number. No matter how much one loves their pet, reading off sometimes more than three digits gets taxing in a hurry.

Naming a dog is of course a matter of considerable personal discretion for the owner, and even the many suggestions above are only a starting point to stimulate your imagination as to what Korean name might be best. With that in mind, there are certain conventions that you should try to follow if only to make life easier for yourself down the road. 

Dogs should be named something short and easy to remember; ideally, you’ll find a monosyllabic name of some kind. However amusing or creative you may find it to label your dog as something lengthy or pompous, it needs to be a single sound that the dog can hear and identify from a distance; without this, you’ve lost many of the advantages of naming a dog, to begin with. 

If naming a dog in a language you don’t personally understand, take utmost care that whatever name you choose has no negative connotations in that language. There is a good chance you will be shouting this name at some point, and you never know who is going to be within earshot. 

Decide on a single spelling of the dog’s name to be used on all paperwork and records related to that dog, and correct any errors at the earliest possible opportunity. Pet owners have gone to a veterinarian’s office only to be told that their pet doesn’t legally exist because someone forgot to add a double consonant. 

Whatever you name your pet, make it fun for them and you. Your relationship is best when you’re both enjoying yourselves.  

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