Nerdy Dog Names: 35 Of The Best Geeky Dog Names

When naming a dog, plenty of people look for options that reflect their personal interests.

If you have a nerdy streak, or you have a few geeky interests, why not use them as inspiration for nerdy dog names?

You could look at rare and beautiful names from video games that you know and love.

We love space names, and physics-inspired choices, for those with a science obsession.

Names from mythology, comic books and sci-fi television are all great candidates for nerdy dog names too.

Use our extensive list to find a super geeky and nerdy name for your dog.

Nerdy Dog Names Feature

List Of 35 Best Nerdy Dog Names

  1. Zelda

Lovers of the famous ‘The Legend of Zelda’ series will be familiar with this unique and beautiful name. It is the name of the blonde princess protagonist, and it is also shared by actress Zelda Williams. If your dog is a nerdy princess, this name could be the perfect choice.

  1. Atom

The atom is the smallest component of an element, and they make up everything around us in this world. This nerdy name not only shows a love of physics and science, but could also be used to reflect size if your geeky pup is very small.

  1. Spock

If you love the Star Trek series, you could definitely use this nerdy name. As a member of the Vulcan race, Spock is logical and controlled. If your dog is calm and collected, or maybe very intelligent, this sci-fi name is a very good choice for them.

  1. Orion

Are you looking for a grand and unique nerdy name? You could name your dog after Orion, a prominent and beautiful constellation. Orion is named after a hunter from Greek mythology, so if your dog is also your hunting partner, this name is a very good choice.

  1. Peter

Comic book fans (especially Marvel fans) might be in love with this name. Peter Parker is the real name of Marvel’s Spider-Man. This nerdy choice could be perfect for a dog with agility and a strong sense of morality! We also think this name is funny for a dog who likes to chase flies.

  1. Mercury

If you have an interest in outer space, you could name your dog after the smallest planet orbiting closest to the sun. This name is also shared with the Roman messenger God, so it makes a good name for those with an interest in mythology.

  1. Sonic

This spunky name is shared with a certain speedy blue hedgehog. SEGA fans will already be a fan of this name from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. If you have a dog that loves to run, or perhaps is a blue-gray color, why not use this nerdy dog name?

  1. Eleven

This is the name of a powerful and popular character from Netflix’s Stranger Things. If you’re a fan of the show you might already be considering this name! Why not use this name if your dog shows some supernatural powers… or if they just love eating Eggo waffles!

  1. Galileo

If you have an interest in space and planets, you could name your dog after Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer who is often dubbed the ‘father of modern physics’. If you use this name, make sure your dog has the intelligence and logic to match!

  1. Ash

You might have already thought about this name if you are a fan of the popular Pokémon anime that began airing in the 90s and is still beloved by kids and adults today. This is the name of the brave and determined protagonist of the cartoon. If you love Pokémon, you should choose this name!

  1. Carbon

Are you a lover of chemistry? We think this name, shared by the chemical element, is a cool and nerdy choice. Carbon can be found in graphite and diamonds. Most people know carbon to be a black color, so this name could be fitting for dogs with dark coats.

  1. Doctor

Although it is not the character’s real name, ‘Doctor’ is the given name of the protagonist of BBC’s Doctor Who. This zany sci-fi show is loved worldwide, so it would make sense to honor it when naming your nerdy pooch. This name would work well with a girl dog or a boy dog.

  1. Galaxy

This adorable and quirky name is popular for pets and humans due to its beauty. We think this spacey name is perfect for those with an interest in the natural world and beyond. This could also be a good choice for pups with colorful and wise eyes.

  1. Thanos

Are you a fan of Marvel’s Avengers series? If so, we think this grand name is a really cool name choice for a big dog. Although it is the name of the main antagonist, we think it works for well-behaved pooches too. Thanos is a very large and muscular being, so is a good name for massive dogs.

  1. Sherlock

This name is a perfect choice for fans of the quirky and mysterious Sherlock Holmes – whether you’re into the original books or the BBC’s TV adaptation. If your dog can sniff out a clue from far away, this nerdy dog name might be the perfect choice.

  1. Crash

If you were a gamer in the 90’s, or if you just like retro video games, this loud and cool name might be perfect for your nerdy dog. This is the name of the protagonist of Crash Bandicoot, a fast paced game that came out in 1996. Why not use this name for a wily and intelligent dog?

  1. Pixel

A pixel is a name for the smallest controllable element of an image on a screen. You might know the term if you love pixel art, or old-fashioned video games. We think ‘Pixel’ makes a nerdy and unique name for any dog, but why not use it for a dog with bright eyes or fur?

  1. Dalek

First introduced in the 1960’s, this is the name of the Doctor’s most notorious and evil villain in Doctor Who! The Daleks are hostile and mechanical, but we think this cool name would work well for a well-behaved pooch just as much as it would work for a naughty dog.

  1. Zeus

If you have a love for Greek mythology, then it is a great idea to name your dog after the Greek god of the sky and thunder. We think this grand and regal name will be a great fit for any dog with a loud, booming bark!

  1. Frodo

Why not name your little four-legged explorer after Tolkien’s most famous Hobbit? If you’re a fan of the Lord of The Rings franchise, then we think this name is a great choice. This would be a great nerdy name for a brown haired, small pooch.

  1. Gigabyte

This techy name is a cool and quirky choice for any nerdy dog- or their nerdy owners. A gigabyte is a unit of digital information, but we think the edgy sounding word makes a great name for a dog.

  1. Loki

Marvel Comic fans and lovers of Norse mythology will be very familiar with the name of this master of manipulation. It is short and edgy sounding, which we think makes it a great contender for a perfect nerdy dog name. This name would be perfect if your pup is a bit of a prankster.

  1. Mario

The Mario brothers are video game royalty to many people, so why not name your dog after the more famous of the two? Mario has been the star of many Nintendo games, ever since his creation in 1981. Naming your dog after this character reflects a great love of video games.

  1. Rocket

If your interests lie in space travel and exploring the universe, why not choose a name that reflects this? This interstellar choice shows creativity and a love of advanced mechanics. We think this name would be a good choice for a dog with boundless energy!

  1. Goggles

Goggles are the most essential piece of safety equipment for scientists, so why not name your dog after this? This cute name has a comical edge and it is pretty unique! This name might work best for a dog with striking eyes, or markings on their face.

  1. Hagrid

We know there are plenty of Harry Potter fans out there that are dying to use this iconic name. If your dog is large or quite rugged and hairy, why not use this amazing name. This choice really reflects a big part of nerd culture.

  1. Venus

If your dog is beautiful and enchanting, this nerdy name from Roman mythology might be the best choice. Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty, and also the name of the second planet from the sun. This is a great choice for mythology nerds.

  1. Darwin

Charles Darwin was a well-known and brilliant English biologist and naturalist. He founded and made popular the ‘Theory of Evolution’, which many people today accept as the way humans came to be. If you are a fan of his, this name is truly nerdy.

  1. Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most famous and beloved Pokémon from the Pokémon franchise. With his bright fur and cute face, it is no wonder so many people like to use this name for their fluffy pets.

  1. 8-Bit

This geeky name is super cute for small and nerdy pups! People associate 8-Bit with retro computers and vintage video games such as the original Mario games. We think this name is adorable, and pays homage to geek culture.

  1. Ganondorf

Why not name a big and muscular dog after the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise? Ganon is a dark and evil villain, with great powers. We think this name would suit a big dog, but why not use it for a smaller dog to pack an ironic punch?

  1. Data

As well as being a well-known mathematical and scientific term, this name also refers to a Star Trek character. Data is a synthetic life form with artificial intelligence – in other words he is super smart! Why not name your nerdy dog after this character?

  1. Daenerys

If you are an avid Game of Thrones fan, then you might already want to use this beautiful and popular name. Daenerys Targaryen is a prominent protagonist in the popular TV show, and many people have already used this nerdy name for their pets and their kids!

  1. Silver

Silver is a chemical element, and a precious shiny metal. If you’re familiar with the period table, you may know silver as simply ‘Ag’, but we think ‘Silver’ makes a better name! If your dog has gray and white tones, this chemical name might be a perfect nerdy choice.

  1. Gollum

Is your pup a hoarder, or really attached to a certain toy? Why not consider the name of the character obsessed with the ‘one Ring’ from the Lord of the Rings franchise? We also think this name would be a funny choice for a smaller dog, with short fur.


Nerdy Dog Names

There are plenty of places to find geeky inspiration when choosing a nerdy name for your dog.

You can look at video games, outer space, or even your favorite television show!

We think there are so many really great choices out there, so make sure to go with what you think is best.

Let us know if you have used one of the nerdy names listed in this article.

We also love to hear if you have any nerdy suggestions that haven’t been mentioned, so be sure to leave a comment.

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