70 Pug Names: Pug-Squisite, Pug-Tastic and Pug-Tiful Names For A Pug

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Due to their cute faces and small stout stature, Pugs are a very popular choice with people looking to bring home a dog.

If you are thinking about adopting a Pug into your family, then you’re probably already thinking hard about perfect Pug names.

We have put together this list of over 70 names, with detailed meanings, so you can pick a great name for your Pug.

Cute Pug Names

Cute Pug Names

  1. Adore

This name, meaning ‘love’, is a very cute choice for your beloved pet Pug. This Pug name choice is very sweet and shows how much you care for your dog!

  1. Saturn

If you love space, then this intergalactic planet name is a great choice. Saturn was the Roman God of Architecture.

  1. Teddy

If your Pug is cuddly and precious, then this adorable name could be the perfect choice. The meaning of this name is ‘wealthy guardian’.

  1. Sunny

This bright name, meaning ‘of the sun, brilliant’, is great for any pup that brings joy and light to your life.

  1. Pearl

If your Pug is brilliant and precious then why not name them after a precious material? We also love this name for Pugs that love the ocean and swimming.

  1. Albus

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you may already adore this name – the first name of Headmaster Dumbledore. It is a Latin name meaning ‘white’.

  1. King

If your Pug really is the ruler of the household, then what could be better than naming them after royalty? We love this short and prestigious name.

  1. Thor

Are you a Marvel fan? You might love this powerful Pug name! It is the name of the Norse God of thunder and the Marvel superhero.

  1. Oscar

This classic yet trendy boy’s name is a great choice if you want something vintage sounding. The name Oscar means ‘God spear’.

  1. Merlin

This magical and mythical choice is the name of the legendary sorcerer of King Arthur. This name means ‘from the sea fortress’.

  1. Comet

If you’re looking for a name inspired by the cosmos, then this cute short name could be perfect. This name is great for a Pug that’s a shooting star!

  1. Phoenix

This name is very unique, and it actually has a really strong meaning. It is of Greek origin and refers to a legendary bird that rises from the ashes.

  1. Flora

We love this cute and gentle name. It is the name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and would be perfect for your beautiful dog.

  1. Hunter

Although it is ironic to name your stout little pug after a predator, this name is very strong and masculine sounding.

  1. Honey

Food names are a great choice for dogs, and if you have a super sweet Pug, this name could be perfect for them.

  1. Teacup

If your precious Pug is delicate and small, this name would be such a cute and sweet choice of name. Pug puppies are so small they can fit in a teacup!

  1. Coral

This nautical and colorful name is so feminine and cool sounding for a female Pug. You could even accessorize with a coral collar!

  1. Meadow

Naming your Pug after the fields they play in would be a great choice. This name is of English origin and means ‘grassy field’.

  1. Sonu

This Hindi name is a great unique choice for your Pug. It means ‘beloved’, which is perfect for a beloved pet.

  1. Lyric

This musical name is short and cute, just like your Pug! If you love music and singing, this name could be the perfect choice.

  1. Ichiro

This name is of Japanese origin, and it means ‘the first son’. We think this name is a great choice for those who treat their dogs like their children!

Funny Pug Names

Funny Pug Face

  1. Toffee

This sweet name is a brilliant choice for Pugs of a lighter brown color. It is very cute and apt for a cheerful pup!

  1. Barkley

For a punny and unique name, why not use a name like this with ‘bark’ in it? We think this name is so funny, but it also sounds distinguished and cute.

  1. Salem

This Hebrew name is really gothic and unique. It means ‘peace’, and would be a great name for a dark colored pug.

  1. Saki

We are massive fans of this Japanese name as it is really short and pretty. It means ‘blossom and hope’ and we think it would make a great name for a delicate Pug.

  1. Dallas

If you are looking for a Pug name based on a location, then why not go for this classic name? We think this Texan destination is a great choice, it means ‘From the Valley’.

  1. Tetris

This quirky Pug name is inspired by the retro computer game. We think this is a great choice if you want to pay tribute to geek culture.

  1. Juniper

We adore this cute nature name due to its adorable sound and its uniqueness. Why not name your joyful Pug after an evergreen plant?

  1. Edhas

This powerful and creative boys name is of Hindu origin, and it means ‘happiness’. It would be a great idea to choose this name for your happy Pug!

  1. Mocha

If your Pug is a smooth brown shade, then it would be a cute and funny idea to name them after your favorite chocolate coffee drink.

  1. Tornado

If your Pug loves to spin in circles chasing its little tail, this weather-inspired name is an inspired choice – it is also unisex.

  1. Queso

If you’re looking for a funny and jolly Pug name, this Mexican food name is a great choice. We think it matches the Pug’s playful nature very well.

Male Pug Names

Male Pug Names

  1. Montgomery

We think this name is very distinguished sounding and classy! This name means ‘manpower’ which is quite ironic for your small Pug, but adds a comedic element.

  1. Benjamin

This English name means ‘son who is of the right hand’. This name is a good choice for those looking for Biblical names, as this name is in the Old Testament.

  1. Bear

We really love this short and adorable name inspired by the animal. It would be funny and sweet to name your tiny Pug after a big bear.

  1. Fritz

We adore this short and unique boys name. It is of German origin, and means ‘peace’ – which would work well for a well-behaved pooch.

  1. Bruno

This popular but cool sounding name actually means ‘brown’. Using this name for a brown colored pug would be very sweet.

  1. Victor

This Latin name is very classic sounding and sweet. It means ‘champion’, and could be a great choice for any prize-winning Pugs.

  1. Rory

This short and adorable boys name is of English origin, and means ‘red king’. It would make a great name for any regal pup.

  1. Alfred

If you like royal names, why not use the name of Alfred the Great? This classic name means ‘counsel’.

  1. Lilo

Why not choose a popular Disney name for your new Pug? We love this name from Lilo and Stitch, it means ‘generous one’.

  1. Gunther

This German name, meaning ‘warrior’, is a really adorable choice for your Pug. We think it sounds cute and matches your Pug’s stout stature.

  1. Alvin

If you’re looking for a name that reflects your Pug’s cuteness, this short name is great! It means ‘one who is a friend of elves’.

  1. Pax

This simple but cheerful name means ‘peace’. We think this name would work very well for a calm Pug.

  1. Rebel

We absolutely love this cool Pug name. This unique choice will work well for a Pug who doesn’t always follow the rules!

  1. Walter

This Germanic name means ‘ruler of the army’. This masculine yet cute name would fit any Pug perfectly.

  1. Frank

As well as being a really adorable name for a Pug, this name is also shared by the famous Frank the Pug from the Men in Black films.

  1. Frost

This name refers to very cold and wintery weather, so if your Pug is a winter pup this chilly name would be a cute choice.

  1. Romeo

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, why not name your Pug after his famous Romeo? Your pup will be a star-crossed lover!

  1. Carlos

This name is of Spanish origin, and means ‘warrior’. This lovely masculine name would be great for a Pug who loves to play-fight.

  1. Percy

This classic sounding name means ‘piercing the valley’. The Pug character from the Disney film Pocahontas also shares this name.

  1. Harley

If you’re a motorbike lover, this name could be the perfect choice for your Pug. It is of English origin and it means ‘hare cleaning’.

Female Pug Names

Female Pug Names

  1. Greta

This rare and feminine German name means ‘pearl’. This name was popularized by American actress Greta Gerwig.

  1. Gina

This name is of Indian origin and means ‘silvery’. This name could be a great choice for Pugs with lighter coats.

  1. Mabel

This name is of Latin origin, and means ‘loveable’. We think this meaning is absolutely perfect for a beloved pet Pug.

  1. Mildred

If you’re looking for a witchy and old-fashioned name, this is so perfect. Mildred is of English origin and means ‘mild strength’.

  1. Calla

This classic and soft name means ‘beautiful’. It is of Greek origin, but often people use it to pay tribute to the beautiful calla lily.

  1. Elsa

Although this name is already adored by Disney lovers, due to its feature in the film Frozen, we think this Hebrew name could be great for any Pug.

  1. Jax

We adore this short and unique Pug name. Although it is quite a popular name choice, we think the unusual spelling adds a creative edge.

  1. Heidi

We love this gorgeous name, and you might like it if you’re a fan of the Swiss novel. It is of German origin and it means ‘nobility’.

  1. Rita

Meaning ‘pearl’, this sassy cute name would be perfect for your adorable Pug. The name Rita was made popular in the Power Rangers series.

  1. Lotus

This gorgeous and floral name is of Greek origin and means ‘dreamlike’. This one is great if you want a nature name.

  1. Zelda

If you are a fan of the Legend of Zelda series, why not name your Pug after the eponymous character? It is a creative and quirky choice.

  1. Olive

If you want a nature name, why not choose this simple and gorgeous name? Olive is a great choice for those looking for a unique name.

  1. Shira

If your Pug loves to be vocal, why not use this rare Hebrew name meaning ‘tune’? We think it is a melodic and cute name, which would work well for any Pug.

  1. Esther

If you’re looking for a Biblical name for your new dog, then this is a great choice. This girl’s name means ‘star of joy’.

  1. Norah

We really love this name of Latin origin, and it would work great for a Pug. It means ‘woman of honour’.

  1. Alice

This sweet and vintage sounding name is a lovely choice for any girly pug, or for any fans of Alice in Wonderland.

  1. Darcy

Naming your Pug after one of Jane Austen’s most romantic literary characters is a super cute choice if you love to read.

  1. Sofia

Meaning ‘wisdom’, this Latin name sounds regal and adorable. It is a great choice for any smart Pug.


Naming your pet Pug may seem like a big challenge, but this list has hopefully made the decision so much easier!

You can make the name as personal and unique as you like, but you have to match it to your Pug’s cute face and loving personality.

If you’re bringing a Pug home soon, let us know if you use one of our suggestions. We’d also love to hear any alternate suggestions for great Pug names.

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