golden labrador puppies

Golden Labrador Puppies – A Guide

Puppies of any description tend to be an immediate crowd-pleaser, and are one of the few things upon which the global community of the internet can even begin to universally agree. After all, who doesn’t like to watch a  cute puppy trying to understand the Continue Reading →

korean dog names
Dog Names

Korean Dog Names – A Guide

If you’ve recently decided to add a dog to your household, chances are you’ve been more than a little preoccupied. Adopting a dog is a significant decision for many reasons, and there is all manner of preparations with which you and your family have doubtless Continue Reading →

black golden retriever

Black Golden Retriever – A Care Guide

There is considerable online debate whether black golden retrievers actually exist. The internet is replete with many articles arguing for and against the existence of this dog as a specimen of the golden retrievers. Despite assertions to the contrary, many experts maintain that the Black Continue Reading →

Dog Names

French Dog Names

If you are in France and a stray dog goes by you may hear people call the dog by a name but it may not be the dog’s actual name. The French love their pets and have some typical pet names that they use. In Continue Reading →