Blue Nose Pitbull: Fighting One Misconception at a Time

Let’s introduce the Blue Nose Pitbull. What many think as a separate breed is actually just a rare type of American Pitbull Terrier; more commonly known as the Pitbull or Pit. These guys are often confused with Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bully Dogs and American [Read more…]

Responsible Breeder

Finding a Responsible Breeder: 7 Tips for Buying a Dog

Buying a dog, or adopting a dog, is a huge decision to make, similar to those life decisions we make like career choice, whether to get married and whether to have children. If you make a mistake with your career, it’s possible to change direction [Read more…]

Whelping Box Plans

Whelping Box: Ideas, Plans and How to Build

What is a Whelping Box? So your dog is around 7 weeks into pregnancy; she is in her diestrus phase of her heat cycle. We need to start thinking about the whelping room and whelping boxes. Let’s have a look at what a whelping room [Read more…]