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Rottweiler Feature
Dog Breeds

Rottweiler Dog: 10 Facts You Should Know Before Buying

The Rottweiler, known affectionately as Rotties, is a large working dog breed known for his robust and powerful appearance. Despite his appearance, he is loved by fans worldwide for his extremely loving and kind-natured temperament. Today, he is one of America’s favorite dog breeds, so [Read more…]

Pomeranian Feature
Dog Breeds

Pomeranian: 10 Beautiful Reasons We Love Pom Poms

A very small, fluffy, and bossy pooch, Pomeranians are an all-time favorite breed to many. Named after the Pomerania region of Central Europe, the Pom has quickly taken the world by storm and is easily one of the most popular smaller dog breeds. Affectionate, loving [Read more…]

Chow Chow Feature
Dog Breeds

Chow Chow: Everything You Should Know Before Buying

At first glance, with their herculean stature and fluffy red coat, you might mistake a Chow Chow for a bear or a lion. These intimidating yet cuddly-looking dogs are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, dating way back to ancient East Asia. [Read more…]


Dog Sneezing Feature

Dog Sneezing: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Why Dogs Sneeze

In humans, we usually sneeze if something has irritated our nose like a strong cologne or room fragrance. Whilst strong fragrances can irritate our dog’s nose; there are several other reasons why dogs sneeze: infection, allergies, mites, abscesses and excitement. Dog’s don’t tend to sneeze [Read more…]


Socialize a Dog
Dog Training

A Practical Guide To Socialize a Dog – The Correct Way

The idea of dog socialization is to introduce your puppy to what the ever-changing world has to offer, in order for him to survive, thrive and adapt to new environments and circumstances. Just like humans, when your dog experiences something new, his brain is stimulated [Read more…]

A puppy being trained in the park.
Dog Training

Puppy Training Tips: 45 Dog Experts Share Their Secrets

Bringing home a puppy is a wonderful and exciting experience; it’s also the best time to start their training. These first few weeks are filled with special achievements, development milestones and important bonding time. However, you are likely going to be faced by boisterous and [Read more…]