600+ Female Dog Names: The Complete Girl Dog Names List

Female Dog Names

Are you looking for fab-fur-lous names for female dogs? Well, we are here to lend you a helping paw and help you find the best girl dog names for your puppy!

Welcoming a dog into your family is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. However, choosing female dog names for your pooch can be a lot more challenging than people think.

Don’t worry, we have compiled a complete A to Z list with 600 of the best female dog names.

Whether you are the proud owner of a cheeky Chihuahua or a sleepy Spaniel, there’s a moniker in our list which is perfect for you pooch!

Take a look below to find a choice that’ll be the perfect fit for your gorgeous girl.

Unique Female Dog Names

Unique Dog

Do you want a title that makes your female canine unique and different from her furry friends?

Choosing unique female dog names is a great way to make your canine stand out from the rest of the pooches at doggy daycare.

A unusual moniker really does make your female bold and calling a unique girl name at the dog park can be a lot of fun too.

Take a look at our list to find great choices for your female.

Whether you are looking for something exotic or just something that’s a little cool and quirky – there’s definitely a name for her.

AphroditeIf your puppy has stolen your heart then this is a cool and unique title for them. Aphrodite is the name of the Greek goddess of love.

  • Aria
  • Atlanta
  • Bindi
  • Bracken
  • Brienne
  • Cleopatra
  • Catia
  • Delila
  • Delta
  • Elysia
  • Elke
  • Fennel
  • Gale
  • Ginnie
  • Helga
  • Iris
  • Imara
  • Jazz
  • Juno
  • Krista
  • Lotus
  • Miley
  • Mishka
  • Nani
  • Onxy
  • Oceana
  • Posie
  • Raine
  • Sandy
  • Sylvia
  • Trinket
  • Utopia
  • Zara

Unique Dog Names for Girls

  • Alba
  • Aubrey
  • Bea
  • Beta
  • Coral
  • Cecilia
  • Chelsea
  • Divina
  • Dot
  • Elaina
  • Fabia
  • Fleur
  • Geneva
  • Hera
  • Halsey
  • Ingrid
  • India
  • Jezebel
  • Kiki
  • Lolita
  • Lana
  • Mist
  • Myrtle
  • Nancy
  • Opal
  • Odyssey
  • Priya
  • Reena
  • Sienna
  • Tillie
  • Tallulah
  • Verona
  • Zuzu

Unusual Female Dog Names

  • Akila
  • Asti
  • Bronwyn
  • Brea
  • Cora
  • Cristy
  • Cruz
  • Demi
  • Evita
  • Eden
  • Fawn
  • Flicka
  • Gemini
  • Heaven
  • Isla
  • Ink
  • Jazelle
  • Joy
  • Kola
  • Lacey
  • Melody
  • Malia
  • Nessie
  • Nila
  • Orchid
  • Pandora
  • Porsche
  • Roma
  • Savannah
  • Tink
  • Uma
  • Viola

Cute Female Dog Names

Cute Female Puppies

Perhaps you’re looking for girl dog names that sound cute?

Every puppy is absolutely a-paw-able in their own way; however, we know that every owner thinks their pooch is the cutest of them all.

Finding a cute moniker that suits your furry friend can be hard, but we think the best way to choose female dog names is to base it off their personality or looks.

For example, if your dog is a big ball of white fluff, why not call them Pom-Pom?

This would also make a fantastic name for a Pomeranian.

If you want a title that is as cute as your pooch, then look at some choices below…

Candy – This monker would be great for a pooch with a sweet nature. We think this is a great choice because, after all, who doesn’t love candy?

Girl Dog Names
Aggie Nellie Hershey
Apple Norma Huckleberry
Bean Oreo Jemima
Boo Peaches June
Cha-Cha Pippa Kit Kat
Dory Quinoa Ladybug
Ewok Rey Lemon
Flo Ruffles Lolly
Fudge Snowball Mai
Gertrude Sweet Pea Marigold
Harper Tootsie Mitsy
Honeybee Ziggy Nermal
Jelly Amaretto Nutmeg
Jude Ariel Panda
Kale Bessie Peanut
Koko Buttercup Pippin
Leeloo Cookie Quinsy
Lizzie Dumpling Rhubarb
Macaron Falafel Sissy
Maple Fluffy Sonny
Meadow Fuzz Teegan
Meatball Goldilock Waffles

Exotic Female Dog Names

  • Amy
  • Bagel
  • Biscuit
  • Cee-Cee
  • Dolly
  • Emmylou
  • Fifi
  • Frannie
  • Georgia
  • Happy
  • Honeybear
  • Java
  • Jolly
  • Justine
  • Kiwi
  • Lassie
  • Lila
  • Lucy-lu
  • Mamie
  • Marsh-mellow
  • Momo
  • Noodles
  • Oregano
  • Patches
  • Peg
  • Pom-Pom
  • Radley
  • Rosebud
  • Skittles
  • Suki
  • Thea
  • Wilma

Best Female Dog Names

Best Female Dog Names

There are so many great girl dog names to choose from, but which are the best?

We think that some of the best choices are the ones which incorporate a whole range of factors.

The best monikers are the ones which sound great, have deep meanings and that really encompass a dog’s personality.

Everyone’s preference is different, but these are some of the best we have found – ranging from very feminine to just plain cool.

Howl about one of these for your female four-legged friend?

Artemis – This comes from Greek mythology after the Goddess of the moon. Not only is this a really cute and cool choice, it would be incredibly fitting if your dog resembles a wolf.

  • Alex
  • Alexa
  • Anya
  • Bluebell
  • Bess
  • Blossom
  • Chai
  • Chanel
  • Cressida
  • Desta
  • Darcy
  • Effie
  • Fern
  • Faith
  • Ghost
  • Haven
  • Halo
  • Inez
  • Jessie
  • Josephine
  • Kenzie
  • Laika
  • Lucia
  • Marvel
  • Nettle
  • Olivia
  • Paige
  • Pip
  • Rosalie
  • Starla
  • Taylor
  • Tiger-lily
  • Yasmin

Good Girl Dog names

  • Aurora
  • Abi
  • Beanie
  • Blue
  • Bramble
  • Berry
  • Caramel
  • Cora
  • Cindy
  • Duchess
  • Darla
  • Elsie
  • Frances
  • Genesis
  • Gia
  • Harlow
  • Imogen
  • Indigo
  • Jive
  • Jewel
  • Libby
  • Macy
  • Mango
  • Nova
  • Paris
  • Perdita
  • Poppy
  • Rose
  • Summer
  • Tabitha
  • Talia
  • Zelda

Popular Female Dog Names

  • Alpine
  • Ava
  • Bandit
  • Beatrix
  • Billie
  • Cheyenne
  • Chica
  • Cadbury
  • Cybil
  • Doodles
  • Diamond
  • Eve
  • Frida
  • Giselle
  • Hattie
  • Hop
  • Ivory
  • Jada
  • Juliet
  • Kennedy
  • Liv
  • Maisie
  • Mara
  • Nim
  • Payton
  • Phoenix
  • Pumpkin
  • Skye
  • Skylar
  • Tails
  • Winter
  • Zola

Strong Female Dog Names

Strong Female Dog Name

Finding a female name that sounds awesome and badass is a great way to give your female pooch a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of vibe!

All they need after one of these titles is a studded leather collar to complete their look.

We think that strong female dog names are brilliant for any breed.

The idea of naming a pooch after one of your favorite strong female characters or celebrities is an idea we love.

Take a look at these super choices and find the pawfect name for your puppy.

Bonnie – Why not name your puppy after the famous outlaw Bonnie from the well-known criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde? It’s both strong and feminine and would be perfect for a pooch who loves to cause a bit of trouble.

Powerful Girl Dog Names
Acadia Gertrude Nike
Alexandra Hex Octavia
Blizzard Hecuba Orion
Bear Irma Queenie
Case Jedi Rowan
Codex Juniper Scarlet
Diva Kendra Sloane
Desdemona Lara Tempest
 Elma Lux Thora
Eyad Mystique Violet
Flame Mulan Valeria

Tough Dog Names for Girls

  • Alexis
  • Amethyst
  • Bellona
  • Blaze
  • Callisto
  • Chaos
  • Dynasty
  • Daenerys
  • Ember
  • East
  • Greta
  • Gwen
  • Haunt
  • Isa
  • Indy
  • Jaiyana
  • Jersey
  • Kamala
  • Lark
  • Lourde
  • Mercy
  • Medusa
  • Nightingale
  • Oakley
  • Python
  • Rebel
  • Raina
  • Saga
  • Topaz
  • Taryn
  • Ursula
  • Valentina
  • Valkyrie

Badass Female Dog Names

  • Avril
  • Astra
  • Blitz
  • Cassidy
  • Calamity
  • Carla
  • Delphine
  • Elektra
  • Emery
  • Freya
  • Garbo
  • Gamora
  • Huntress
  • Ice
  • Jinx
  • Jovi
  • Klara
  • Katniss
  • Lyra
  • Minerva
  • Medici
  • Mamba
  • Nenya
  • Olympia
  • Pisto
  • Ranger
  • Rox
  • Selina
  • Taika
  • Tequila
  • Vienna
  • Wrena
  • Xena

Cool Female Dog Names

Cool Girl Dog Names

Are you looking for a name that is guaranteed to make your pooch the coolest canine around?

Then we have got the right list for you.

Every canine deserves a cool name, but the best ones out there are reserved for the alphas!

If your furr-ocious female has alpha-like qualities, then she really does deserve the coolest moniker that you can find.

Our list of names will certainly make your canine companion sound like the top dog.

Take a look at some of the options below, they are guaranteed to give your canine some added swagger!

Nymeria – the name of Arya Stark’s wolf from the Game of Thrones franchise. It’ll definitely get everyone’s heads turning because of it’s stark reference – get it?

Unique Dog Names for Girls
Aster Fara Magenta
Asia Fantasia Mallory
Avita Foxy Moonlight
Acer Follower Mystic
Arrow Galaxy Nyx
Baroness Gabbie Odessa
Beauty Gypsy Pyro
Blaire Gidget Paisley
Britt Gin Raven
Blanca Hadley Ripley
Brooke Harmony Reno
Crystal Hermione Revel
Cecilia Hope River
Carly Hero Sable
Cher Ivy Sheba
Cersei Jade Star
Creeper Jett Shiloh
Charm Jubilee Trinity
Cherry Jupiter Teton
Clover Karma Trick
Darbie Kenya Urn
Desert Kimbra Utah
Dash Kimono Vixen
Destiny Kiara Winona
Elvira Loot Whimsey
Essex Leia Winslet
Emerald Locket Wish
Echo Mackenzie Yoko
Flare Madonna Yori
Fiesta Maxi Yorkie

Popular Female Dog Names

Girl Puppy

Still struggling to find the right name for your four-legged female friend?

Sometimes, some of the best dog names are popular for a reason!

Here are some of the most popular female dog names of 2019.

We think you’ll be surprised by how unusual sounding some of the girl dog names are.

However, we really think that great minds think alike – so if you love one of these monikers, don’t be put off because they’re popular… if anything, it confirms how great the name is.

List of 85 Top Girl Dog Names

  • Abby
  • Allie
  • Annie
  • Athena
  • Belle
  • Bailey
  • Becks
  • Bella
  • Brandy
  • Cali
  • Charlie
  • Chloe
  • Cleo
  • Coco
  • Dakota
  • Dixie
  • Daisy
  • Ella
  • Ebony
  • Ellie
  • Emma
  • Elsa
  • Grace
  • Gracey
  • Gigi
  • Ginger
  • Hannah
  • Hazel
  • Holly
  • Heidi
  • Honey
  • Izzy
  • Isobel
  • Jasmine
  • Josie
  • Jo-jo
  • Katie
  • Kona
  • Lacey
  • Lady
  • Lucky
  • Layla
  • Lily
  • Lola
  • Lexie
  • Macy
  • Maddie
  • Maggie
  • Mia
  • Millie
  • Mimi
  • Maya
  • Misty
  • Mocha
  • Molly
  • Nala
  • Nikki
  • Nikita
  • Olive
  • Penut
  • Pebbles
  • Penny
  • Pepper
  • Piper
  • Phoebe
  • Princess
  • Riley
  • Roxy
  • Ruby
  • Sally
  • Sandy
  • Sasha
  • Sassy
  • Scout
  • Shadow
  • Shelby
  • Sierra
  • Sophie
  • Stella
  • Sydney
  • Sugar
  • Trixie
  • Willow
  • Winnie
  • Zoe


Choosing A Female Dog Name

We understand that choosing a title for your girl can be a ruff task, however, we certainly hope our list of female dog names has helped you find the right one for the newest member of your family.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is big or small, energetic or lazy, cute or cool, we promise you there is a name that is sure to fit your puppy.

Our favorites have to be Artemis and Bonnie because we love how bad ass yet feminine they sound!

We’d love to hear what your favorites are so please let us know in the comment section below.

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