250 Dog Names: The Ultimate A-Z List of The Best Names For Dogs

Dog Names Feature

Dog Names Feature

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, then you must be wondering how to find the best dog name for your canine buddy?

Bringing a pooch home into your family is one of the most exciting and amazing experiences.

Canines are well known as man’s best friend, and if you own an amazing canine, we are sure you would agree.

Their incredible personalities, beautiful and varied appearances and friendly temperament makes them amazing pets, who deserve amazing names to match!

So we have compiled over 250 of the best dog names, to suit all breeds of canines… from Labradors to Pugs!

We are sure you’ll find one that suits your individual pooch, good luck and enjoy exploring these great names!

Dog Names and Meanings

Dog Names

Name Meaning
Rufus A masculine nickname which is a really popular and cute choice for male canine. It is Roman in origin and means ‘red-haired’ in Latin. Why not use this for your russet-toned pooch?
Flora Anyone looking for a dainty, feminine and natural choice will really like this European name. It comes from the Latin word for ‘flower’, and we think it is perfect for a female pooch that loves nature, or just running around in fields.
Fido You might know this as a classic choice for your pet. Latin for ‘faithful’, which is very apt for your new best friend, it is also the same name of Abraham Lincoln’s pet canine. This is another reason why it is so popular for dogs across the world.
Nora This funky and quirky moniker is a great choice for female dogs with buckets of personality! It is a shortened form of ‘Eleanora’, which in Greek means ‘light’- maybe great for a yellow lab?
Luna As well as being a very cute choice, it has an extra nerdy quality to those who are avid fans of the Harry Potter series! A Latin word meaning ‘moon’, so it could be popular for dogs with white or yellow coats.
Pancake It has always been popular to look at food for inspiration when naming pets. Why not give your pup a foody-name after this delicious and sweet breakfast treat?
Milo We have fallen in love with this gentle but masculine choice. This adorable name is actually of German origin and means ‘soldier, merciful’. You may already love this choice if you are a fan of Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, where Milo is the protagonist’s name.
Darwin This rare choice means ‘dear friend’, which is ideal for any beloved pet pooch. This nickname is also a great choice for those interested in Charles Darwin, founder of the theory of evolution. Darwin is both a unique and quirky choice, with a great meaning.
Opal If your canine has colorful and mystical eyes, then it is a lovely idea to call them after a hypnotising gemstone. Opals are naturally dazzling and can come in many different gorgeous colors, so naming your pooch after them really pays homage to their beauty!
Sage This short and soft sounding word is perfect for those looking for a nature inspired choice. Sage is also another choice for those who are incredibly wise and scholarly.
Gandalf Fans of The Lord of The Rings will be very familiar with this fantasy name. It is the name of a powerful wizard, and will be popular with any nerdy and book-loving dog owners. Apt for gray or white dogs, as Gandalf the Grey returns as Gandalf the White.
Sandy We love this warm and adorable moniker for pooches. Not only is it a great choice for blonde or yellow colored dogs, but it is also perfect for canines with a friendly temperament and a loving nature.
Rusty Could there be a better choice for a copper colored dog name? Not only is this adorable, but it also packs a comedic punch! Naming your pet Rusty gives everyone the idea that he is silly and fun.
Melvin We really love this nerdy sounding and rare nickname. It is of Celtic origin and means ‘leader or chief’, which is ideal if your pup thinks he is in charge of the household. We also think this dog name is really soft sounding, so would work well for a dog with a gentle temperament.
Felix This name is really edgy and unique sounding, and we think it would be ideal for a pet. Felix is of French origin and it means ‘happy, lucky’. If your pooch is joyful and bouncy, then this quirky one could be the perfect choice.
Pearl This precious name is a sweet and feminine choice for any pup. We think this name would be lovely for a small and white canine, just like a pearl! Pearl is the birthstone for June. If you have a summer puppy, then why not name her after this precious gem?
Odin If you want a moniker that is rich in Norse culture, then we really recommend this strong and masculine choice. Odin is the Norse god of war, poetry, death and culture. Of course, you might want to ignore any negative connotations of this choice, unless your canine is really big and impressive looking!
Poppy Flower names are becoming more and more popular with both children and pets. Poppies are a vibrant red in color, so you could choose this dog name if your pet has ginger or copper tones.
Celeste A popular choice for space enthusiasts, so why not go for this gentle and pure choice? From Latin origin and means ‘heavenly’, we think this beautiful choice is ideal for well-behaved and angelic canines.
Seth This lovely, short moniker is a very poplar choice for children and canines! Seth is from the Bible and is associated with many animals, so why not use it for your pooch? We think this would be great for an easy-going and patient pooch.
Mittens Any pet with markings on their paws is a perfect choice for this cute dog name. It is also an adorable choice for any dog with a fluffy and warm coat, or just a pup that loves to be cuddled!
Mario A classic Italian boy’s name, it is also a great choice for any lovers of Nintendo. This is the name of one of the famous Mario Bros, as any gamer will know! This might be a good choice if you want to pay homage to video games.
Pecan This dog name is a great choice for any canine with a rich brown coat. Pecans are often used in praline candy, so this is a great choice for a pet that’s a certified sweet treat!
Odie You might know this as the name of the fictional canine friend of Garfield. This means it is a classic and popular choice for any pet. Of English origin it is associated with hills and mountains. If you want a nature name, then this could be a great choice.
Ezra This dog name is very modern sounding and quirky, but it is actually very old. It is Hebrew for ‘helper’, and so would be an apt choice for any pooch that makes a wonderful companion.

Female Dog Names

Female Dog

Finding the perfect name for your female pooch is a simple task if you look for inspiration in the right places!

The beautiful aspects of nature, such as flowers and colors make some of the best female dog names; these stunning elements match the beauty and independence of pets!

We have included some of the world’s most popular dog names, such as ‘Bella’ and ‘Poppy’, and also some rarer and more unique names like ‘Apple’ and ‘Nessa’.

If you are looking for something quirkier, to suit a more eccentric kind of pooch, we hope you find it in the list below…

  • Aggie – short for ‘Agatha’
  • Amber – after the beautiful, orange gemstone
  • Annie – Hebrew meaning ‘prayer’
  • Apple – after the sweet and delicious fruit!
  • Bella – short for ‘Arabella’ or ‘Isabella’
  • Caramel – for a beautiful, caramel-colored canine
  • Clover – after the wild flower
  • Gracie – a cute version of ‘Grace’
  • Josie – a shortened version of ‘Josephine’
  • Lily – after the white flower
  • Maggie – short for ‘Margaret’
  • Marnie – Hebrew meaning ‘rejoicing’
  • Nessa – short for ‘Vanessa’
  • Olivia – a Latin name meaning ‘olive tree’
  • Poppy – after the beautiful flower
  • Sadie – Hebrew meaning ‘princess’
  • Tilly – short for ‘Matilda’
  • Violet – after the vibrant color
  • Willow – a German name meaning ‘peaceful’
  • Zoe – Greek meaning ‘life’

Male Dog Names

Male Dog

Male dogs are known for their strong nature, in addition to their gorgeous looks and loveable personalities!

Finding dog names which include all of these elements might sound like a challenge, but we believe our list contains names that accurately show off the best things about canines!

For example:

  • ‘Pippin’ can be shortened to ‘Pip’, perfect for a cute pet!
  • ‘Bear’ is great for showing off the cuddly qualities of canines
  • ‘Tank’ indicates the strength and power of male dogs!

We hope you love our suggestions as much as we do:

  • Ace – Latin meaning ‘unity’
  • Bear – after the huge, furry animals
  • Bruiser – a very popular dog name
  • Ceddy – short for the adorable ‘Cedric’, made famous by J. K. Rowling
  • Coby – an adorable name for a furry friend
  • Cooper – English for a barrel maker
  • Danny – short for ‘Daniel’
  • Dexter – Latin meaning ‘right’
  • Duke – perfect for a noble pet
  • Finn – English meaning ‘blond’
  • Gizmo – meaning ‘gadgets’
  • Jasper – a Persian name meaning ‘treasurer’
  • Jax – short for ‘Jackson’
  • Leo – Latin meaning ‘Lion’
  • Loki – after the Norse God of destruction
  • Lucky – for a pet who is your lucky charm
  • Oliver – or ‘Ollie’ for short
  • Pippin – or ‘Pip’ for short
  • Simba – after the lion from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’
  • Tank – perfect for a large canine, and an ironic name for a small pooch!
  • Zeus – after the Greek father of Gods and men

Cute Dog Names

Cute Dog Face

The world’s cutest dog names can be found anywhere: from films and books, to royal names and names with adorable meanings!

We recommend shortening names, such as ‘Theodore’ to ‘Theo’, or adding an ‘e’ sound to the end, such as ‘Joey’… these often make the cutest dog names that are universally loved by all!

Make sure you know the meaning of a cute name before you give it to your adorable pooch, as some names that appear to sound and look cute, have deceiving meanings that contradict the loveable personality of your pet!

We believe our dog names have the perfect mixture of cuteness, with adorable meanings behind them, so enjoy exploring them!

  • Abby – American meaning ‘one who gives joy’
  • Adela – a cute French name meaning ‘one with good humour’
  • Axel – meaning ‘father of peace’
  • Caleb – meaning ‘one who is faithful’
  • Finian – meaning ‘one who is handsome’
  • Fletcher – English meaning ‘arrow maker’
  • Herbie – a German name meaning ‘industrious warrior’
  • Logan – meaning ‘meadow’
  • Lottie – short for ‘Charlotte’
  • Marley – after the adorable pet from ‘Marley and Me’
  • Noah – meaning ‘one who is peaceful’, perfect for a chilled-out dog
  • Parker – English meaning ‘park keeper’
  • Prince – a great name for a regal pet
  • Queenie – a regal moniker
  • Rory – Irish meaning ‘red’
  • Rusty – perfect for a pooch with rust-colored fur
  • Teddy – an adorable name for a cuddly pooch
  • Toby – the name of the protagonist from the 2017 film ‘A Dog’s Purpose’
  • Theodore – meaning ‘God’s gift’ in Greek, ‘Theo’ for short
  • Wispa – after the Cadbury chocolate bar

Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

If your dog stands out from the crowd, whether it be for their crazy personality, unique appearance or quirky way of walking, they need a unique name to suit them!

Wave goodbye to classic canine names, and embrace some new and crazy names that you’ve probably never heard of before!

When people hear the unique name of your pet, you want them to be intrigued, and ask for the meaning behind it, therefore make sure the moniker you choose has an equally unique and special meaning to match it!

Try combining two names to make a beautiful and unique combination, such as ‘Abrielle’.

Or try finding names in cool languages such as Hindi, Hebrew and Greek, as these names will make your furry friend stand out from all the other pooches in the park!

  • Abrielle – a cool combination ‘Gabrielle’ and ‘Ariel’
  • Ahuva – Hebrew meaning ‘one who is dearly loved’
  • Eero – Finnish meaning ‘one who rules eternally’
  • Eeva – a unique spelling of the Hebrew name ‘Eva’, meaning ‘life’
  • Eleta – Latin meaning ‘one who is chosen’
  • Gergo – a unique Hungarian name meaning ‘watchful’
  • Gilit – great for a fun-loving pooch, meaning ‘eternal joy’ in the Hebrew language
  • Hestia – after the Greek goddess of hearth and home
  • Leona – French meaning ‘lioness’
  • Lichas – after the servant of Heracles from Greek mythology
  • Merek – a Teutonic name meaning ‘one who rules with strength’
  • Nejma – Arabic meaning ‘star’
  • Nyssa – a quirky Greek moniker meaning ‘friendly elf’, the perfect name for a fun and tiny dog!
  • Oana – a Romanian nickname meaning ‘God is gracious’
  • Parisa – beautiful and unique meaning ‘one who is like a fairy’
  • Salome – used by Shakespeare in his play
  • Weslyn – German meaning ‘defending warrior’, this dog can be called ‘Wes’ for short
  • Yigal – the Ukrainian version of the name ‘Eve’, meaning ‘life’
  • Zabi – a funky name short for ‘Zabdiel’
  • Zephyr – Greek meaning ‘the life of Zeus’

Cool Dog Names

Cool Pitbull Dog

If your dog is the coolest pooch on the block, and a traditional dog name would just not suit them, then looking for a cool name instead is a great idea!

We have compiled a list of some of the coolest dog names around, including cool names from films and TV shows and names that generally just pack a punch!

The word ‘cool’ means different things to different canine owners, but we hope you agree that the names below would suit some of the world’s coolest pets…

  • Althea – after the Greek mythological goddess of truth
  • Alva – German meaning ‘white’
  • Atom – after the small particles
  • Baloo – from Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’
  • Bolt – from the Disney film
  • Eagan – Irish meaning ‘fiery’, perfect for a canine with bags of personality!
  • Fuzzy – perfect for a pet with fuzzy fur!
  • Hurricane – for a wild and hyper-active pooch
  • Iona – a unisex name, after the legendary king of France
  • Knight – perfect for a noble canine
  • Lapis – after the blue gemstone worn as jewellery
  • Latif – meaning ‘one who is kind and gentle’!
  • Mada – a cool abbreviation of ‘Matilda’
  • Nava – meaning ‘beautiful’ and ‘lovely’, perfect for a cool and gorgeous pet
  • Nitro – short for the element ‘Nitrogen’
  • Orion – after the Greek son of fire
  • Spark – for a vibrant pet!
  • Ura – Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘precious stone’
  • Wikolia – cool and funky meaning ‘one who is famous in battle’
  • Zoar – after the Jordan valley ancient city
  • Zuma – from the animated TV series PAW Patrol

Best Dog Names

Best Dog Names

We believe the best dog names are the most popular, as there must be a reason why so many dog owners opt for them.

These names suit all different breeds of dog, and are perfect for any size, color or temperament.

Not only are these names the most adorable dog names ever, they also have brilliant and varied meanings behind them…

… so try and match the meaning to your pooch to find the best suited name possible.

  • Archie – English meaning ‘bold’ and ‘genuine’
  • Bailey – this unisex name is a popular name for all canines alike!
  • Buddy – perfect for a pet who is your best friend
  • Buster – a classic dog name
  • Coco – after famous fashion designer ‘Coco Chanel’
  • Frankie – short for ‘Francesca’
  • Lola – adorable for a puppy name!
  • Lucy – Latin meaning ‘light’
  • Luna – meaning ‘moon’ in Latin
  • Max – short for ‘Maximillian’, meaning ‘the greatest’
  • Millie – German meaning ‘drive’ and ‘determination’
  • Milo – meaning ‘destroyer’
  • Mindy – short for ‘Melinda’
  • Misty – beautiful and mysterious name for a precious canine
  • Molly – a classic name
  • Monty – short for ‘Montgomery’
  • Nala – from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’
  • Oscar – meaning ‘deer friend’
  • Rocky – cute for a tough furry friend!
  • Rosie – a cute version of the name ‘Rose’
  • Toffee – perfect for a pet with toffee-colored fur!


And that concludes our list of dog names for every type of dog!

We hope you have enjoyed exploring our ideas and have found the perfect name for your perfect pup.

Choosing a name for your new pet might seem like an extremely daunting challenge, especially if this is your first pet.

Hopefully this list of choices will provide some great inspiration and make the decision very simple for you.

Let us know if you have used any of the names on this list.

We also love to hear any other suggestions you might have for great dog names.

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