Are beagles lazy?

No, beagles are not lazy.  They were originally bred to assist hunters and would spend entire days chasing rabbits or other small animals. Although they’re now ideal family dogs, they remain a very energetic breed.

It’s usually recommended that a beagle gets a minimum of 40 minutes of exercise per day. If your routine doesn’t allow for 40 minutes at once, this can be divided into two or three sessions.

Daily walks, runs and outdoor play sessions don’t only benefit a beagle’s physical health, they’ll also help to keep him mentally stimulated, and allow him to practice his scent-following instincts. This can help prevent destructive behaviors such as chewing and digging, which could result if he’s bored.

Beagle puppies get enough exercise playing with their favorite toys, or their siblings. It’s important not to over-exercise them as their bone structure is not fully formed until they reach 18 months. If you do walk your beagle puppy, stick to 1 mile per day or less, and spread this out over a few short sessions.