Are Chihuahuas Stubborn?

Yes, Chihuahuas are stubborn. Although each one is an individual, typically, they won’t obey a command because Chihuahuas typically don’t have any interest in following orders. These sparky pets are full of personality and often try to establish themselves as the boss. They think you should do what they want, and not vice versa.

As a result, they won’t respond well to harsh demands or punishments, which will likely result in a battle of wills. And in the interests of an easy life, you may well find it easier to give in – but this will only feed your Chihuahua’s delusions of grandeur.

So is there any way to get a Chihuahua to do what you want it to? Actually, yes, there is. Because Chihuahuas are typically incredibly attached to one person, you may be able to coax them into doing things just to please you, their special human. They’re far more likely to respond to praise, treats, or other positive reinforcement than to commands.