Are chow chows aggressive?

Yes, chow chows are aggressive. They’re descended from one of the most primitive dog breeds and retain a powerful instinct to protect their territory and owner – which can be interpreted as aggression.

They also tend to view themselves as more dominant than other dogs and even people. However, with correct upbringing and socialization, these traits can be minimized so they grow into friendly and loving dogs.

Here are some tips to help your chow chow fit easily into your life.

· Introduce your chow chow puppy to as many new people, other dogs, and household pets as possible, so he grows up understanding that they don’t pose any threat.

· Give your chow chow lots of positive attention from an early age. Chow chows become strongly attached to one person and don’t bother much with others. Leaving him alone for long periods or neglecting his needs could result in behavioral problems later.

· Expose your puppy to as many different positive experiences as possible, so he doesn’t become anxious in new situations.

· If your chow chow puppy doesn’t seem to respond to your training, call in a professional to help you both get on the path that will lead to a calm and enjoyable life together.