Are Newfoundland dogs high maintenance?

Yes, Newfoundland dogs are high maintenance. Newfoundlands require a lot from their owners because they:

  • Need a lot of grooming. They are big dogs with a lot of fur, and should be brushed at least weekly to keep shedding down. They also need to be bathed frequently because their coats will pick up a lot of debris.
  • Are prone to conserving energy. Because they are work dogs, they instinctively want to conserve energy for when they have to work. If you don’t provide your Newfoundland with any work or exercise, they will lounge around the house all day. If you let this behavior persist, they will become overweight and end up with health problems.
  • Develop health problems easily. Without proper amounts of exercise, they will develop joint problems that are very costly to treat. They are also prone to skin problems without proper grooming.
  • Need a lot of attention. They develop separation anxiety easily without sufficient attention. They start to act out after only a few hours of being alone and chew up your belongings.