Do Australian Shepherds Bark a Lot?

Yes, Australian shepherds bark a lot. This breed was created to help cowboys herd sheep and cattle. Barking was an effective way of communicating with their owner and other dogs, as well as letting the herd know that they’d better follow orders.

In a modern home, your Australian shepherd will need help to understand that he does not need to bark at every passer-by or cat strolling by.

The good news is that your Australian shepherd will naturally want to please you, and because he’s so intelligent, will soon learn that you don’t want him to bark incessantly.

To keep your Australian relaxed and quiet, make sure he’s not bored or left alone for long periods. Find ways to keep him busy. Fun fetching games, treasure hunting, and long runs are perfect ways to use up his seemingly endless energy – and keep you fit at the same time.