How Far can I Walk my Australian Shepherd Puppy?

How far you can walk your Australian Shepherd puppy will depend on his age.

A general recommendation is that he should have five minutes of structured exercise a day for every month of his age. So at two months old, you should walk him for 10 minutes each day. At five months old, he’ll probably need 20 minutes per day.

The duration of his walk is more important than the distance you cover together. This is because the Australian shepherd puppy’s bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments are all growing rapidly and are vulnerable to stress and strains. By building up gradually, you’re helping to ensure he grows up strong and healthy.

Given these requirements, Australian shepherds are not usually suited to life in apartments. They are better in a home with a big yard where they can charge around to let off some steam and play games.

However, they can adapt to life indoors, providing you can give them at least 60 minutes of structured outdoor exercise per day, lots of indoor playtime, and the occasional longer walk.