Bonbon, Eiffel & Noir – 52 of the Finest French Dog Names

French Dog Names

Bonjour! If you’re looking for the perfect French dog name, then you have come to the right place.

French dog names are beautiful, elegant and carry a certain poise to them. If you think you have a graceful (or at least somewhat graceful) pooch, then perhaps a French dog name has “croissant” your mind.

Your dog’s name helps define them. For example, a Boxador called “butch” adds a bit of character and spunk. As does the name “Bob”; an old puggle who likes to sit in front of the TV all day with his favorite chew toy, whilst basking in the remnants of crumbs from the food he stole off you when you weren’t looking… get the point?

Your dog’s name matters; so we are here to help! French dog names have a certain “je ne sais quoi” that we cannot resist.

Check out our favorite picks for female, male, cute, popular and even some fun French bulldog names!

Female French Dog Names

Beautiful and exotic. These names will compliment any lovely and fluffy pooch. Here are our favorites!

Adele – Yes, this may be the name of a famous (and may we say gifted) music artist. But this name is actually French and means noble

Alair – This name means Cheerful in French and therefore suits your cute and always smiling puppy

Amé – This means “beloved” in French and suits any affectionate and loving pup

Céline – A truly beautiful and luxurious name thanks to it doubling as a high end fashion brand. This name actually means “moon” in French. Does your pup make those dark nights bright?

Chanel – A classic lady-like dog name due to the designer high end brand by a French lady named Coco Chanel

Éclair – A French pastry! A delicious name for your deliciously cute puppy!

Émile – This means “industrious” in French, therefore making it perfect for your gorgeous hard-working and loyal companion

Esme – If you’re a Twilight fan then there is no doubt that you are already taken aback by this name. A gorgeous name for a truly beautiful dog which means “loved” in French

Fleur – This name means “Flower” in French. Perfect for your pooch who is sweet and caring and loves to make you smile. Perhaps a bouquet of these Fleurs for Valentine’s day instead?

Renée – Perfect for the ever-lasting puppy, this name means “Reborn” in French. BONUS: It is a gender friendly name and therefore it may even suit your male dog! (Note: The male version is spelt René

Male French Dog Names

Below are some of our favorite male French dog names. French male names are usually alluring and romantic. Perfect for your handsome dog, these names will definitely leave the females panting for more.

Aubin– This name means “white” perfect for a pure hearted breed. Or perhaps just a big white fluffy Samoyed!

Casanova – This name will have all the ladies at the dog park swooning

Enzo – This means “conquering” in French. This name will suit a big or dominant breed who is loyal to the end

Laurent – This comes from the high end fashion brand “Yves Saint Laurent”, perfect for all the spoilt yet classy fellows. A true gentleman with an impeccable taste in collars

Léon – This name shows bravery and courage perfect for your fluffy yet handsome protector

Louis – Pronounced Louie. A classic male French name which is simply irresistible. Suitable for perhaps a smaller sized dog. Little Louis!

Noir – This name means “black” in French. Perfect for your dark and furry sidekick. Just the simple choice of the name in French as opposed to English adds an exotic twist

Pierre – One that you have definitely heard around. However, you cannot go wrong with a name like this for your handsome, gentle and well-mannered boy

Cute French Dog Names

Here is a small collection of some adorable names. Perfect for your smaller or chubbier pooch

Bebe – Baby

Brie – Perfect for any gourmet cheese lover! Brie is a famous cheese in France. This name is cute and short and suits any lovely female companion

Bonbon – Candy

Coco – Coco Chanel. An elegant name for the more high-end pooch perhaps. But cute nonetheless!

Elle – This means “she” in French but if you’ve seen legally blonde then there may be more to this name. Perhaps a gorgeous and sweet pup with a bit of energy?

Fifi – Meaning God given

Gigi – A name for the perfect posh pooch

Lulu – A cute name for a tiny dog with a lot of Character. Not to be confused with the Loo (toilet)

Rose – French for pink

Here are some of the most popular French dog names. These are based on landmarks or famous French pioneers along with some simply beautiful and classic names!

Ange – French for angel

Baguette – French bread stick

Chien – French for dog

Eiffel – Eiffel Tower

Louvre – The Lourve museum

Marcelle – Warlike

Monet – Claude Monet, a famous French impressionist.

Paris – Not so original, but who couldn’t fall in love with a name based on France’s capital, the City of Love?

SieneNamed after the famous river in Paris

Soleil – French for sun

Vivienne – Lively, animated (shortens to Viv)

French Bulldog Names

With their stubby little bodies, perked up ears and those big loving eyes, a French bulldog is a definite cutie. Here are a few names we just love, with even a few based on their French roots:


André – French for male warrior

Beau – French for handsome. Perfect for your gorgeous boy

Enzo – French for conquering (especially your heart)

Fondue – French cuisine


Fille – French for girl

Ollie – Rollie Ollie compliments all those loveable French bull dog rolls



Pascal – French for mischievous

Rififi – French for trouble

Spud – Well, they do have the body shape of a potato. A cute potato!

Ziggy or Zig

French Bulldog Names


In conclusion, French dog names are exotic, romantic and should make any dog or owner swoon!

These names may compliment any pooch while adding a flair of class and elegance. Pick your favorite name and see how it rolls off the tongue. “Oui” hope you enjoyed our selection!

Please comment below your favorite, or please share with us any you think may make the perfect addition.

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