75 Black Lab Names: Beautiful, Bold & Best Names for Labradors

Black Lab Names Feature

Labradors are a gorgeous dog, and a popular choice of pet, and the Black Lab is no exception.

They are known for their beautiful coat, and their loyalty to their human families.

Are you looking for cute or unique black Lab names for your new Labrador puppy? Or maybe you would like something very classic and vintage sounding?

We have compiled a list of perfect names with meanings to make sure you make the best choice of name for your black Labrador!

Black Lab Puppy

Black Lab Names

  • Storm

Naming your dark colored dog after dark thunderclouds is a creative choice. This is a great choice for loud barkers!

  • Oreo

This popular name is great for any Black Labs with white markings. It is also a great name for a dog with a sweet personality.

  • Hazel

This gentle and beautiful nature name means simply ‘hazel tree’ is a lovely choice for any Black Lab.

  • Hugo

Meaning ‘intellect’, this fancy sounding name would be great for the intelligent Labrador.

  • Liquorice

This sweet name is a great fit for your Black Lab due to their dark black coats. This name also fits their candy-sweet temperament!

  • Espresso

Why not name your black dog after your favorite black coffee? We think this caffeinated name is a perfect pick-me-up.

  • Galaxy

This unisex black Lab name is heavily inspired by outer space, so this is a great choice for any lovers of astrology.

  • Buzz

If you’re a Disney’s Toy Story fan then you may already love this cool name. It is great for anyone who is a child at heart!

  • Noel

This cool French name means ‘Christmas’, but it’s not reserved for winter born pups! This name is great for any time of year.

  • Belle

Meaning ‘beautiful’, this short and classic French dog name is great for a gorgeous Black Lab. It is also beloved by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast fans.

  • Obsidian

Why not name your black dog after this beautiful volcanic glass with a natural dark shine? Gem names are a very popular choice.

  • Jasper

If you want a decadent and unique name, this could be a good choice. Jasper is of Persian origin and means ‘bringer of treasure’.

  • Hero

If your Black Labrador is your champion, it only makes sense to give him this awesome name of Greek origin.

  • Dinah

This Hebrew name means ‘God will judge’, and has a gorgeous feminine tone. This name was used in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

  • Agatha

We love the classic sound of this Greek name. It means ‘good woman’ and is a great black Lab name.

  • Axel

This name is of German origin and is very masculine and edgy! We think this name would work well for a cool pup.

  • Dagger

If your Black Lab is an edgy pup, it might be a unique idea to name them after a weapon.

  • Artemis

This gorgeous Greek name is shared with the ancient Greek Goddess of the hunt and animals. If your Black Lab is a hunting companion, this name is great choice.

  • Merlin

This magical name was used for the Black Lab in the Australian TV series Merlin the Magical Puppy. It is also a classic and beautiful choice for anyone looking for a vintage name.

  • Ralph

Simpsons fans may already love this English name because of the character Ralph Wiggum. The name means ‘wolf-counsel’.

  • Amethyst

If you’re looking for a precious name for your dog, then this name is a lovely feminine choice. Gem names are very beautiful!

  • Raven

Black Labs have a lovely dark black coat, so why not name them after another black animal! The raven is mysterious and beautiful, so why not name your pup after them?

  • Akira

This smart and bright Japanese name is great for any dog. It means ‘bright, intelligent’ which is perfect for the super smart Labrador!

  • Bingo

If you want a classic pet name with a funny tone then this name is a great choice! It is a great choice for loving dogs.

  • Indigo

We are a big fan of color names, especially ones as cute and unique as this one. This name could be great for a blue-eyed dog.

  • Dakota

Location names are really popular, so why not go with this beautiful name? It is of Native American origin meaning ‘friendly one’.

  • Jude

This short and adorable name is of Latin origin. It means ‘praised’, which is really apt for your beloved Black Lab.

  • Josie

We love this friendly and adorable girl’s name because of its pretty tone. This name is of English origin.

  • Kibble

Why not name your pup after their favorite food? We think this comedic name has a really cute ring to it!

  • Marigold

This sunny flower name is a lovely choice for those seeking a nature name for their Black Lab.

  • Kofi

We adore this short and unique name of African origin. It means ‘born on a Friday’, and it has a great masculine tone.

  • Fiona

If you’re looking for a Scottish name, this could be a great choice for you. This feminine name means ‘white, fair’, which is pretty ironic!

  • Felix

This name sounds very unique and modern, but it is actually of Latin origin. Felix means ‘happy’ – very apt for your pup!

  • Cupid

You might be familiar with this lovely name, as it is the name of the Roman God of love. This name is great for your beloved pup.

  • Barney

Meaning ‘strong as a bear’, this English name is a classic for big and beautiful dogs like your Black Labrador.

  • Kenny

If you want a cool sounding name, then this is a perfect choice. Kenny is of Irish origin and means ‘handsome’.

  • Rivo

This Italian name means ‘stream’, which is great for your water-loving Black Labrador. This is a nice choice for nature lovers.

  • Ulfred

We really like this English name meaning ‘wolf of peace’. This name would be a great choice if you want a classic sounding name.

  • Boudicca

Why not name your sassy and strong Black Lab after a fierce first century Celtic queen? This rare but beautiful name name means ‘victory’ and it is a unique choice.

  • Bruno

This strong name is of German origin and it means ‘brown’. This name could be perfect for black dogs with brown eyes.

  • Aria

Meaning ‘air’, this lovely Italian name is a great choice for a dog with a delicate personality.

  • Ciara

This Irish name meaning ‘dark’ is an obvious choice for a Black Lab due to their dark black coats.

  • Peanut

Food names are a funny and adorable choice. This nutty name has such an adorable ring to it for a Lab who loves their food!

  • Happy

Why not name your cheerful and friendly Black Lab after their winning personality? This rare name is cute and joyful.

  • Bowie

Lots of people pay homage to their heroes when naming their pets. If you loved David Bowie then why not pay tribute to him?

  • Poppy

It is a really cute idea to name your bright and beautiful dog after this bold and vibrant flower.

  • Everest

If your Black Lab is larger than life then it’s a great idea to name them after the tallest mountain on Earth.

  • Cosmo

If you’re a cocktail lover or you just love space, this short and creative name might be the perfect choice for your pet.

  • Eleven

All Stranger Things fans will absolutely love this unique name. If you want a rare name then this could be the perfect choice.

  • Duke

We really like this name due to its noble and vintage tone. This big dog name is name could be perfect for a big dog!

  • Angel

If your Black Lab is perfect and well behaved, why not use this dainty name? This unisex choice is very classic sounding.

  • Quinn

This edgy girls name is of Irish origin and means ‘descendent of Conn’. It is a very rare and unique option.

  • Murphy

This is a soft and adorable name of Irish origin. It means ‘sea warrior’, which is great for any Black Lab that adores water.

  • Summer

It is a lovely idea to name your cheerful Black Lab after their sunny disposition. This fresh name is a very pretty choice.

  • Dash

This short name is a really lovely choice for any speedy pup. It is of French origin and is short for ‘Dashiell’.

  • Hamish

We love this old-fashioned Scottish name due to its beautiful classic tone. Hamish means ‘supplanter’ and is the Scottish form of ‘James’.

  • Martha

If you’re looking for a Biblical name, this could be a great fit. Although it means ‘bitter’, that’s no reflection of your Lab’s sunny personality.

  • Harley

This unisex option is becoming more popular due to DC villain ‘Harley Quinn’. The name means ‘hare’s meadow’.

  • Apollo

If you’re interested in Greek mythology, you could choose this classic name. It is shared with the Greek God of music and poetry.

  • Chara

This is a beautiful name of Spanish and Greek origin. It means ‘joy’ and is the name of a star in a constellation that represents hunting dogs – how perfect!

  • Lionel

For those interested in Arthurian legend, this is a great choice. It means ‘cousin of Lancelot’.

  • Betty

This absolutely adorable name is of Hebrew origin. Betty means ‘oath of God’, but you don’t have to be religious to love it!

  • Phoebe

This name is of Greek origin and means ‘the shining one’. Friends fans may already love this name!

  • Ramen

If you’re a noodle fan, then it is a creative and cute idea to name your Black Lab after this iconic dish.

  • Charlie

Any cheeky and happy pup would fit this cheerful name. It is of English origin and means ‘man’.

  • Queenie

This regal name is very bouncy and bright. We think this name will fit any Black Lab who rules the household.

  • Edin

We love this short and cute Hebrew name. It means ‘delightful and lovely’ which is very fitting for your happy pup.

  • Matisse

Art lovers may already be a fan of this name, as it is the surname of French artist Henri Matisse. It is a really unique option.

  • Tiara

Naming your Black Lab after a piece of royal jewellery is a great choice for anyone who treats their pup like a princess!

  • Daisy

Floral names are such a cute choice for any dog, especially Black Labs! We love this simple and elegant name, which is actually of French origin – it means ‘day’s eye’.

  • Link

If you are a video game lover then this short name from the Legend of Zelda series might be the perfect option.

  • Barkley

Punny names like this one are always a great choice for dogs! This name would go down well in a family with a sense of humor.

  • Cosima

This elegant name is of Italian origin and means ‘order, beauty’. We recommend this name if you want something very classic.

  • Dante

We are big fans of this strong Italian name. It means ‘steadfast, faithful’, which is also a great description of a Black Lab.

  • Plum

If you’re looking for a fruity name, then why not name your Black Lab after this dark fruit?


Black Labrador

Naming your Black Labrador can be a very daunting challenge, and there are lots of choices to look through.

Depending on your puppy’s personality, and your own naming preferences, you will definitely find a name in our list of black Lab names that is perfect for your dog.

If you use this list as inspiration, then we would love to hear from you! We also welcome any suggestions for more awesome names for black Labradors in the comments below.

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  1. My Black Lab is named Coffee. When we go through the “coffee drive-in shops” they love him.

  2. Jaz……she was 13 1/2 yes old when she passed over the Bridge. The very best black lab . She was beautiful, smart loving and an ambassador for dogs. She loved everyone and know if you where nervous around dogs. She would very gently approach and sit and wait for that person to touch her . She was a wonder because she did this all one her own. We just encouraged her when she did this. And she was the best hugger in the world ,again a thing she just started on her own. She is missed!

  3. We have a golden and black they are so friendly towards anyone and will not bark unless they sense danger.

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