350+ Best Border Collie Names: Traditional, Best & Famous Names

Border Collie Names Feature

Border Collies are known for their gorgeous coats and their attentive, loyal nature.

If you are bringing a Border Collie into your family soon, you are probably looking for the best Border Collie names!

There are plenty of places to find inspiration, such as nature, space, and even your favorite TV shows and movies.

Why not take a look at this extensive list of over 350 names to find something that is perfect for your Collie.

Female Border Collie Names

Female Border Collie

If you are bringing a female Border Collie home soon, it is a good idea to choose something really feminine to show off your princess’ dainty and loving personality.

We love floral names, or names with soft and gentle meanings.

If your female Border Collie is anything but dainty, then why not go for a space-themed name?

Take a look at this list of names for female Border Collies to find a name that is right for your dog.

Top Name

Agatha – This is a gorgeous name of Ancient Greek origin. This gentle name simply means ‘good’, which is perfect for a well-behaved Border Collie.

Rosa Lara Windy
Katherine Hope Tide
Lily Iris Olive
Abby Gina Clemence
Galaxy Clementine Heaven
Aida Stella Clara
Autumn Delphine Season
Poppy Daffodil Petal
Spring Fleur Gaia
Epona Selina Jasmine
Lilac Acacia Anemone
Astra Amaryllis Johanna
Violet Sunny Shimmer
Medley Winter Sandy
Heaven Alessa Rosemary
Chun-Li Harper Sparrow
Gardenia Kayla Conch
Lavender Flower Blossom
Victoria Daisy Miranda
Neveah Cynthia Samus
Sunflower Azalea Briar
Zelda Ida Venus
Jolene Holly Dalia
Amanda Jupiter Malinda
Meegan Zinnia Juniper
Jill Begonia Rosie
Dahlia Lara Wan
Summer Marguerite Nariko
Star Cascade Pansy
Peach Precious Posy

Male Border Collie Names

Male Border Collie

There are plenty of places to find great inspiration when naming your male Border Collie.

We like the idea of using traditionally masculine names to reflect your dog’s strength and courage.

It is also a great idea to use names inspired by nature, as the Border Collie loves to be outdoors – they were originally (and still are) used for herding sheep.

Why not use names of male celebrities favorite men from stage and screen, and even video games? Use this list of suggestions to find the perfect male Border Collie name.

Top Name

Kenzo – This is a unique and masculine Japanese name, meaning ‘strong and healthy.’ We think this name is fitting for an energetic Border Collie.

Hawk Maximus Pistol
Lincoln Ember Phoenix
Cliff Bute Thunder
Curio Link Cedar
Ninad Hendrix Jedrek
Grove Keanu Owen
Theo Morgan Jerry
Bracken Luigi Forest
Justice Nettle Lennon
Sonic Hammer Clay
Bark Magnar Loki
Freddie Mercury Russell
Shepherd Nathan Tiger
Oswald Kirby Boris
Cobain Edward Desert
Wick Elton Duke
Mario Ricky Odin
Pikachu Napoleon Jaguar
Coal Winston Steel
Prince Gunner Guy
Elvis Dusty Kratos
Flint Ozzy Wolf
Milan Burdock Leonard
Franklin Jagger Ridge
Bowie Thor Crash
Oscar Jasper Liam
Kalmin Linden Ratchet
Griffin Emmett Rocky
Eagle Everest

Border Collie Dog Names

Collie Dog

Border Collies are one of the most popular breeds of dog in America.

They are the 35th most popular dog listed with the American Kennel Club.

If you want to choose a name that reflects the popularity of the Border Collie, you could use a classic or unique dog name.

You can also choose a name that echoes the traits of the Border Collie, such as their intelligence, energy and friendly nature.

We also like the idea of using names that bring to mind companionship and love. Use this list of great suggestions to find a perfect name for your dog.

Top Name

Doctor – This quirky name pays homage to your dog’s superior intellect. It also is a great choice for those who are fans of BBC’s Doctor Who.

Charlie Geeky Apex
Sara Maggie Mattie
Lola Marley Mega
Frankie Scruff Dash
Buddy Odie Butch
Jessie Fido Baron
Pepper Rex Yip
Archie Volt Jigsaw
Tetris Allie Bear
Nerdy Sassy Captain
Biff Abby Nola
Ollie Hyper Cooper
Brainy Norma Holly
Bouncer Metal Quirky
Goggles Kayla Barker
Einstein Bandit Gage
Teddy Pixel Yapper
Toby Betty Fritz
Lulu Bertie Boomer
Max Hattie Jax
Lightning Lady Johnny
Bolt Flash Calla
Socrates Barney Bella
Sadie Jenny Bailey

Traditional Border Collie Names

Border Collie Dog Names

Other than for companionship, Border Collies are primarily used as a type of herding dog – they herd livestock like sheep.

The breed was developed in the Scottish borders, which is why they are called ‘Border’ Collies!

A really traditional name would be one of Scottish origin that goes back to the breed’s roots.

You can also choose a name associated with farming and herding in order to make the name really traditional.

We have made a list of traditional Border Collie Names to spark some inspiration for you.

Top Name

Cailean – We love this unique name of Scottish origin. It means ‘whelp, young dog’, which would be very apt for your Scottish Border Collie.

Agnes Rory Harris
Flora Dionysus Gavina
Owen Gregor Dougal
Archibald Lyall Alpin
Boyd Davina Alison
Calum Iain Graham
Ann Hecate Rhona
Bryce Una Arabel
Elsie Persephone Levi
Fingal Duncan Jean
Demeter Cinead Angus
Baldwin Cabiri Mairi
Annis Craig Chaser
Brodie Raibert Finlay
Horae Tamhas Gordon
Fergus Margaret Emse
Lewis Innis Adamina
Hades Aileen Morag
Fiona Gunner Hamilton
Zeus Diarmid Eachann
Ross Greer Ewan
Ione Stuart Rider
Hunter Plutus Hew
Cadmilus Alana Murdina
Grant William Barbara
Malcolm Ethan

Best Border Collie Names

Best Border Collie Names

The very best names for Border Collies are ones that have already been used on stage and screen.

Why not use a name that a celebrity has also used for their Border Collie? This way you know it is superstar approved.

We think names that reflect the classic black and white coats of the Border Collie are the very best!

Have a look at our list of the best names, and you might find something perfect.

Top Name

Ruswarp – This name comes with a beautiful story. It is the name of a Border Collie that stayed by his dead master’s side for 11 weeks. What a great way to honor this heroic puppy.

Coconut Ruswarp Socks
Inky Crystal Avocado
Onyx Devon Puffy
Jet Snowball Frost
Rico Puffin Badger
Lucky Sapphire Plugger
Fly Matisse Penguin
Old Hemp Rembrandt Tuxedo
Maui Salt Zebra
Angelo Dice Dove
Timmy Shep Coal
New Brian Scorpion Vanilla
Milky Dolly Crow
Clarinet 8-Ball Mogley
Haiku Panda Pearl
Cotton Hubble Licorice
Sooty Stan Miner
Chomp Baillie Snowy

Border Collie Puppy Names

Border Collie Puppy Names

If you are bringing a Border Collie puppy into your home, then you are probably looking for an adorable name to match the cuteness of a new puppy!

We recommend names that reflect your puppy’s size and personality.

Why not use a soft name that matches your puppy’s fur?

Another great choice for puppies is food names as they can often be both comical and really adorable! If you are still struggling, take a look at our list of suggestions for Border Collie puppy names.

Top Name

Cupcake – If you have a Border Collie with a sweet and lovable personality, then this adorable name might be a great choice for your puppy.

Queso Queenie Clown
Nacho Chocolate Blue
Snuggles Tiny Doll
Sausage Darling Crumpet
Lasagne Chunky Blondie
Floof Honey Cheddar
Popsicle Brandy Peanut
Bunny Mickey Nugget
Kiss Chubs Diddy
Parsnip Linen Citrus
Lover Sugar Brownie
Buttons Joker Donut
Waffle Shorty Jelly Bean
Wool Minnie Biscuit
Lolly Silky Pickles
Fluffy Salsa Dearie
Pancake Bitsy Tot
Sequin Sweetie Bambino
Weenie Pookums Cutie
Lovely Meatball Angel
Syrup Blueberry Chip
Pizza Taco Fritter
Feather Caramello Cheesecake
Furball Baby Glitter
Mozzarella Cookie Candy
Bestie Chef Dashing
Jello Dreamy


Although naming your Border Collie can seem like a daunting challenge, hopefully these suggestions have sparked some inspiration.

Whether you choose a traditional Scottish name, or a funny food name, we are sure that your choice will be perfect for your new four-legged friend.

We would love to hear from you if you use any of the names suggested in these lists for your Border Collie.

Make sure to leave a comment if you have any ideas for awesome and amazing names for Border Collies.

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