Are Great Pyrenees High Maintenance?

No, great Pyrenees are not high maintenance. Providing the home has adequate space, and they’re appropriately socialized to control their protective instincts, they are calm, patient, and independent. They will do their job of guarding their family and their territory without demanding constant attention from their owner.

They do not crave activity like some other herding breeds, and are satisfied with daily walks, so they’re low maintenance in terms of exercise.

Inside the home, they’re typically calm and will enjoy relaxing quietly. However, due to their giant size, they’re not suited to living in small homes or apartments where they won’t have room to move around freely.

Grooming is the one aspect where Great Pyrenees can be considered high maintenance. While their thick waterproof coats don’t require much attention beyond occasional brushing, they do shed year-round and also ‘blow’ their coat twice a year. Because they’re so huge and their white fur is easily visible, dealing with this can become an issue. A great Pyrenees is not the best breed to choose if you’re allergic to dog hair, or don’t want to spend time cleaning dog hair off furniture and clothes.