Can Pomeranians stay home alone?

Yes, Pomeranians can stay home alone. However, as one of the most sociable breeds, they need to stay around their special person in order to thrive. They’re ideal pets if you can be with them most of the day, or take them with you when you leave.

At 8-10 weeks a Pomeranian puppy shouldn’t be left for more than 1 hour per day. This is to prevent separation anxiety, as well as to help with potty-training.

By 6-12 months this can be gradually increased to four hours. By the time they reach 18 months, they can generally tolerate 6-8 hours of alone time.

But for him to be truly happy, you should aim to give your Pomeranian as much companionship as possible. If you spend 8-10 hours every day away at work, or travel frequently, a Pomeranian may not be the best breed to choose.