Is a Cane Corso a Good Family Dog?

No, a cane corso isn’t a good family dog, especially if you have young children. This large, powerful breed was initially bred as a working dog and used to guard its owner and livestock.

As a result, the cane corso is a loyal and serious dog, not a cuddly pet that will do anything to please you. Intelligent and strong-willed, they are not suitable for first-time owners. They need calm, assertive leadership to keep them under control and to get the best out of them.

Providing it is properly bred, trained, and socialized, the corso can be a loving protector of children in its family. However, if you have young children, a cane corso may not be the best breed to choose. As such a large and energetic dog, they can inadvertently knock over small children. With the cane corso’s history as a working breed, it may also tend to chase or herd them.